Addicted to the internet? by Barbara Edwards

Barbara EdwardsAm I addicted to the internet? I scoffed at my husband when he said yes. I work on my computer I insisted. I don’t play video games or text. My use of Facebook is for promoting my writing personae and my books, not to be social as in chat with friends. I tweet about my friends’ blogs or new books, not my dog or cat. I have my books listed on GoodReads, Shelfari and LibraryThing and belong to a few groups devoted to reading.

I use Triberr as a huge timesaver to keep my contacts active and I limit it to one visit a day.

Am I addicted to the internet? When I was hacked I discovered, to my horror, that I am. If you call go into cold sweats when I couldn’t connect a problem.

Oh yeah. I realized I needed that daily dive into the wide wide world of cyberspace. I couldn’t concentrate on other things like writing my book or blog. My contact list was gone. I was essentially alone on a cold plane of reality.

This is not a funny as it sounds. For four days I frantically worked to get my loops and groups back into my life. I had a temper tantrum. I ate continuously. On the fifth day I realized I was acting like a nut. I hadn’t written anything productive in days. The real focus of my life, my writing, had somewhere gotten lost in the shuffle and I sat down for a long look at my work habits.

I used to get on my computer right after breakfast and write until lunch. Most days I did housework, exercise or fun stuff in the afternoon. I didn’t work on the weekends, choosing to do stuff with my family. That had changed. I got on the internet. I spent anywhere from an hour to two or three daily. Even weekends have become a part of the cyber-flow.

What should I do?

For one thing, I’ve written more on my book in the last week than I have in the past month. I let my groups and loops slide. I’m not sure what’s happening and although I miss my contact with on-line friends I’m refocusing.

I made a couple decisions about time on the net. I visit Triberr before breakfast. It’s quicker that early and I’m off in less than 20 minutes. I am slowly revisting the sites I joined to promote my books and taking a look at each. If I’m not using it to my benefit why am I there? What is the most efficient use? Often I don’t know and I shake my head. What am I doing?

As to my addiction, I recognized I have a problem. I am limiting the time I spend on the net by putting a limit on its use.

The best thing I’ve done is to make a list of places that need attention and the time I will devote to each. This is a serious work in progress.

Are you also in denial? Are you addicted to the internet?
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2 thoughts on “Addicted to the internet? by Barbara Edwards”

  1. I was so sorry when I realised you’d been hacked Barbara (Yes, I had one of those emails supposedly from you too, but realised what must have happened. I suppose the only good thing is that it obliged you to rethink your internet usage. That’s something I really need to do myself, and thanks for your post which is far preferable to being hacked! I realise I, too spend far too much time at my pc and not nearly enough of it actually writing. I need to trim my social networks. off to refocus now, thank you.


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