Review: Lost Honor by Loreen Augeri from Barbara Edwards

Lost HonorI never know when I start a Historical Romance what to expect so I was pleased that I was immediately drawn in to the action with the capture of the female stowaway. Descriptions of the American Sailing ship were vivid and believable.

Arianna Pemberton is a feisty heroine fighting for a measure of freedom not allowed to women in her time. Her resolve is eroded by her growing attraction then love for Captain Danvers. How can she actually sail the seas when he is as protective as her father?

Morgan Danvers honor is threatened by his lust for the lovely stowaway. He can’t return to port if he hopes to rescue his pirate captured brother and he can’t allow Adrianna free run of his ship. His engagement to another woman leaves him fighting for his honor as he is overwhelmed by love.

A tangled plot with several unexpected twits kept me reading until a satisfying end.

I gave this novel 5 stars out of five.

You can find it at The Wild Rose Press

or Amazon


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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