A tribute to Dixie, my dog, on National Dog Day by Barbara Edwards #TWRP #MFRW


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Today is National Dog Day and I’m posting photos of Dixie, the inspiration for my upcoming release ‘Dixie’s Gift’. Dixie’s Gift is my Christmas Story from The Wild Rose Press.

Dixie was my dog, a beautiful Belgian Malinois. She slept at my feet, took me for walks, loved the people I love and held a large portion of my heart.

I’m not sure how old she was since we didn’t know when we adopted her, but she lived with us for ten years.

Dixie loved to travel. From Maine to Florida to Colorado and Utah, Dixie hung her head out the window of the truck.

When she was diagnosed with bone cancer, I cried for a week. She crossed the rainbow bridge with me petting her head. It hurt, but I owed it to her to stand by those last moments.

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Itchy feet and Lobster? by Barbara Edwards

Although I posted this on another blog, I wanted to share it here, too.

Coast of Maine
Coast of Maine

I’ve mentioned before that my husband gets bored when he doesn’t have anything to do. The heat wave we’ve been experiencing made it impossible to do outside chores and he already painted the living room a lovely shade of ivory.
IMG_0014He asked me if I’d like to take a ride to Maine for fresh lobster. Since it’s difficult to write with him placing through the house I agreed a lobster dinner would be terrific. The trip is about four hours from where we live in Connecticut. i assumed a drive up and back along one of the scenic routes.
Whoops. While I packed my laptop, he loaded the truck camper on our Dodge Ram. He mentioned casually that I should take a change of clothes. Thankfully I interpreted
Williams Park
Williams Park
that to mean three days.
Of we went. then he says he reserved a campsite. Okay. I sit back to enjoy the ride. For some reason the traffic past Boston and Cape Cod was light. The roadwork that seems a constant repair, slowed us for very little time.
We set up in the campground and headed out for dinner. I had this picture in my head of lobster.
IMG_0022There are lobster places all over. Lobster rolls, lobster bisque, mac and cheese with lobster on signs galore.
Here is the big but. These are your usual tourist eateries geared to handling the summer crowd. You walk in, stand in line, order over the counter, pay and wait for your tray. You take it inside in the AC or out on a patio, usually overlooking the water. I’m ready. My husband wants a restaurant. A sit-down, waiter, table with tablecloth restaurant.
He didn’t find one. Not on the first cruise through town. Not in the second town.
I’m hungry, but I know better than to ask when we’ll eat.
He’s on a quest.
He doesn’t want to eat outside in the heat. He wants what he wants. I don’t care. I just want lobster.
Today we’re stopping at a lobster pound, getting them steamed, grabbing side-dished from the supermarket and eating at the campground.
To keep me happy. He drove to the oldest lighthouse in Maine.
Beautiful park maintained by volunteers from town.
I’m glad we went. I got two thousand words done on my WIP and lobster.
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#Guest Kim McDermott, author of Hiding #TWRP

Welcome to Kim McDermott, a fellow Rose. 

Why I Wrote Hiding?

Hiding_w9495_300       Unfortunately, many women in modern society experience dating abuse as does Teresa Worthington in Hiding. Teresa learns to stand up for herself and gain independence by successfully pursuing a talent for painting. The idea for the story literally started with a “blank canvas” the brick and stucco back wall of a courtyard behind a Parisian hotel. This wall just tempted the imagination and invited creativity.

Because, like my character, I also like to paint murals, I wanted to pursue the idea of creating beauty out of bare bricks.

About the author

Kim McDermott was born and raised in Charleston, SC where she graduated valedictorian of Middleton High School and cum laudi from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in English.  She received a Masters Degree in Counseling from the Citadel and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in S.C. She has nine years of experience in guidance.  She is also a Nationally Certified High School English and Language Arts teacher who worked for Charleston Country School District for 28 years as both an English teacher and a guidance counselor.  She is retired and currently teaches English and Creative Writing part-time as an Adjunct English Professor at Trident Technical College.

She has free lanced for numerous regional and national publications including: The State, Charleston Magazine, Standard, Blue Ridge Country, Reader’s Digest, Christian Single, Home Life, Straight, Evangel, Smokey Mountain Magazine, and others.  She won the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s award in l987.  Her first book, All Work, All Play published by Marco. She has two children’s books, a chapter book aimed at elementary age children entitled The Underwear Tree and a picture book, Les Petits Gardes. With Margie Clary, she co-authored South Carolina Lighthouses published by Arcadia Publishing. Her latest book is a suspense romance entitled Hiding published by The Wild Rose Press.

Her manuscript won Honorable Mention in the Louisiana Romance Writers 2011 Contest and was a finalist in the Daphne Du Maurier Kiss of Death Contest at the National Romance Writer’s 2012 Conference. In the l980s she wrote two plays that were performed locally: Song of Susanna about the life of Susanna Wesley, mother of John Wesley and Stede Bonnet the Gentlemen Pirate.  


Alex illuminated the crypt with his light, and Teresa tried to interpret what she saw: uneven walls, a doorway surrounded by orbs, a floor littered with dried reeds. No, they weren’t reeds; they were bones. And the orbs were skulls! The catacombs! Her heart pounded in her chest like a jackhammer. Alex had withdrawn his knife. The blade glittered in the dim light of the torch which cast luminous shadows on the walls. What better place to kill someone? What was another set of bones among the many? Lord, as you helped the Christians long ago who met secretly in catacombs, help me.




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