Hacked by a creep who sold my info by Barbara Edwards

I got hacked. I’m the real Barbara Edwards.

I am safe at home. Recovering from a flu virus but otherwise fine. I don’t need money.

If you were one of the people on my contact list you already Imagegot the email and have my apologies.

You might be under the impression that those begging emails were the sum total of the intrusion and you would be wrong.

The destructive results are piling up and I am struggling to recover.

The first thing I notice was no email in my inbox folder.

I knew enough to change my password immediately, but didn’t know how to change my account back to English. It was now posting in Arabic and I had to find the translate to, then change it back. This took hours of my time since for some reason yahoo was slow translating then accepting my return.

I thought I was done until I discovered my contact list had been wiped. How do I tell people I’m not the spammer?

That’s when I found the added email address very similar to mine. My mail was being forwarded to this bogus account. Obviously is a friend emailed, they got a response from the hacker.

Today I deleted that account. I hope.

I also deleted the forward mail to that account.

Gosh this is horrible.

I’ve temporarily sent my group emails to a secondary account I rarely use, but event that doesn’t get me my mail.

I’m sure I’ll find other things that need to be fixed over the next few weeks.

Be assured, I regularly change my password and recommend you do, too. I do keep my passwords secret.

My son the computer guru says I got hacked while signing on through a site while on vacation. Probably someone with a live scanner. Another cyber thing to be concerned about in a world full of problems.

My only upbeat note is that I’ve been online since the early nineties and this is the first time I’ve been hacked thanks to the advice of my son and his help over the years with learning cyber stuff. Thanks. Love you, Mom




Author: Barbara Edwards

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2 thoughts on “Hacked by a creep who sold my info by Barbara Edwards”

  1. Barbara, Having never been hacked, what a nightmare! And I sent you something yesterday, to the wrong place. GULP! Too bad this stuff happens. As we always told our kids, Welcome to the real world.


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