After the Battle of Manassass

Barbara Edwards

The sad part is leaving all my friends. It takes a few minutes to drop the tent, a couple hours more to pack and load everything into the vehicles. The memories stay forever. My good friend took these pictures and gave me permission to post them. The sepia tone adds a golden glow to this sad time.

I can’t describe the feelings during this re-enactment. Excitement at the beginning of the five year cycle, sadness at the terrible losses suffered during the Conflict and the echoes of longing for a time lost in the fog of destruction and recovery.

We’ve come so far as a nation. I hope the lessons learned by the participants help all of us.

Thinking strategyStacked rifles, ready for tomorrow

Battle of Manassass

I arrived at six am with the Army of the Gulf Medical corps. Because of the extreme heat, I sat on the sidelines. I was happy to be with my friends and I prayed none of the participants would suffer heat prostration. I watched the artillery set-up cannon.

Safety check
ready to move

Amblance drawn by mules arrives to load with wounded and dead.

People filled the stands. Over fifteen thousand sit in the beachers in the blazing sun.

spectators They listen to an announcer explain the action.An ambulance pulled by mules arrives. It will haul the dead and dying from the field. The armies gather. To the field of battle

Cavalry lead the way. The anticipation is high.

Facing forward

Flags flutter in the breeze. It’s too early in the war to display the battle flag, that came later.

Confederate Pride

Halting under the trees for water and rest. Soon they’ll face bullets and cannon fire.

Sweat and anticipation shine on faces

Cutting through the crowds to get on the field.

shortcut to the rendezvous

Ready to Advance into battle. The rowds cheeer.

ready to advance

Keeping strong in the face of horror.


March into the faces of the foe.


Advancing across the field. Cannon smoke billows over the fighting.

The bsttle rages

Too many to see who is on what side.

Confederates ready to join their comrades

Can you see? Who’s fallen? Where are the doctors?

Friend or Foe
signal corpsThe signal cops, vital in the time before radio, cello phones is on the field. the winners

Now the only thing left to do is to find the medical tents.

aid for the wounded

After many battle, both sides lost a generation of vital young men.
the South was decimated and the western emigration was born.
I saw this at the Manassass Battlefield Visitor’s Center.
It is an epitaph worth remembering.
“I had a dim notion of the ‘romance’ of a soldier’s life. I have bravely got over it since.”


Before the Battle

I have to admit the temperatures are scorching, hovering around 100%.
So with a sturdy heart and sweaty skins we trekked around the area.view of camp

The reenactors are arriving, unpacking their vehicles and setting up camp.

At this point its hard to tell the Yankees from the Confederates and it won’t get
any easier. During this first battle of the War of Southern Rebellion, both sides wore blue or grey with many shades of each. The confusion resulted in many casualties from friend firing on friend.

cool spotThe fire department has provided huge fan s to spray water on passers-by. Everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity to cool down. The effect doesn

Tomorrow all the modern details will be gone from camp.  The soldiers

will prepare for the battle. The bands will play marching music and crowds will gather to watch the show. Many will gasp at the sound of cannon. The first Battle will foretell the pain of the many more  battle to come.

We checked the Stone house at the junction of roads leading to the battlefield. it was used to house wounded and dying during the battle.

Stone House used as hospital

We were lucky to meet another reenactor who portrays a doctor.

Doc Wheat and Doc Edwards

Several soldiers wrote letters home to family anxious for news.

Letter home
More tomorrow. If I manage to last through the heat.

Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up by Marie Truhart

Please welcome my guest today, Marie Tuhart
She’s eager to tell us about her new release Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up
is Available: 6/24/11 from The Wild Rose Press

Hopefully, visitors have already read your bio, so I’m not going to ask you to tell us about yourself. Instead, what do you find the most difficult about being a writer?Conveying emotion to the reader, that has always been my biggest challenge.

 What is your hero’s biggest challenge?
 Knowing he’s losing his heart to the heroine and afraid of her rejection

 What is your heroine’s biggest flaw?
Her inability to believe in herself as a woman.

What prompted you to write this story?
My editor asking me to, I’d written Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready first, and my editor asked me to give the secondary characters their own book.

 What is your least favorite genre?
Hard one, I’m not much one for Horror.

Would you ever consider writing it?

Who has helped you the most?
My critique group and my editor, I’ve learned so much from my editor over the last year.

 Do you have a favorite theme? Eg: love conquers all; good vs evil; How do you
use it?

Usually my theme is love conquers all, but I use it so it ties into the emotional conflict the hero and heroine have.

 What have you learned about yourself from your writing?
That while writing is hard work, I enjoy it.

 Why will your reader think your book is different?
Because it is a fantasy, we all want to find a man who is willing to take us to our limits and then push us a bit.


Angie drank in the feeling of his body against hers. His hardness to her softness,
and part of her wanted to melt in a puddle at his feet, another part wanted to
be bold and daring.
“Becca mentioned that you’re closing down theranch for a while.” Maybe a little flirting would work.
“Two weeks. There needs to be some renovations done, and the staff needs some downtime. It was a good time to do it with Tyler gone.”
“How much can be done in two weeks?” She thought back to when they were renovating the offices she now worked in, it seemed like it took months and with every little problem the workmen came to her.
“A lot, if you know how to motivate people.”
“Really?” Angie tilted her head up and fluttered her eyelashes. “And how would you do that?”
The corners of Jared’s lips tilted up. “Lots of money.”
Okay, subtle flirting wasn’t working with him. Her fingers trailed over his broad shoulder, to his neck, where she stroked his dark brown hair. His hand tightened on her lower back, bringing their hips together. And Angie swore she could feel his hard erection. Good, he wasn’t immune to her.
She let her fingers skim from his neck, down over his shoulder blade, down his spine, over his well-defined ass, until she could rest her palm over his butt cheek. Then she squeezed it.
“Behave.” His breath brushed her ear and he swatted her ass.
“You hit me.” She couldn’t believe it; he actually smacked her on the ass. Not that it hurt, but heat flowed through her body making her nipples grow harder. She’d never realized a little swat could make her so hot.
“I’ll do worse if you don’t behave yourself, Angie.”
“Promise?” The word was out of her mouth before she even realized it. The music ended, Jared escorted her back to the table and pulled out her chair.
His palms cupped her cheeks, tilting her face up to his. “We’ll talk later.” He dropped a hard brief kiss on her lips before striding away.
Angie’s heart skipped several beats while she observed Jared cross the room. She put her fingers to her lips and sank down onto the chair with her core pulsing with need and her panties wet. If he met her later, they wouldn’t be talking if she had anything to say about it.
Marie’s Website:

You can find Marie on Facebook and twitter under: Marie Tuhart – avatar tiger

If you want to buy the book or just want more information visit: main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=831

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A new venture

Like I have so much free time I can take on another commitment, well, yes.
As I mentioned, I love to blog. It gives me an immediate way of contacting readers and getting a response.
I participate on the Black Rose blog at The Wild Rose Press on the 25th of each month. I’ve been a guest all over the place with the release of Ancient Blood and need to settle down. I’m having a few people over to visit here. I’m working on Barb’ed comments on blogger to stretch my brain.
I’m joining with the Roses of Prose to blog regularly in a differrent venue.
We hope to draw interested readers by providing a variety of talents, viewpoints and articles from fourteen of the best authors out there. Ahem. Not humble, am I?
It’s not quite ready, but I’ll keep you updated.

Getting ready for the Battle

Fighting for Freedom

Next week we’ll be leaving for the first battle of the 150th Civil War reenactments. First Manassass or First Bull Run depending on which side you favor, is mid-July outside of Washington D.C. The 145th ran over 110 degrees on the field of battle and I’m hoping this time will be cooler.
I’m packing my authentic trunk with the dresses, petticoats, stockings and shoes I need to wear to be a participant. My parasol is ready to shade me from the sun.
Am I crazy? Yes, but you have to be to sleep in a canvas tent, with wool blankets, on the ground and cook over an open fire.
Reenacting is the most fun in the world. No radio, no televison, no PHONES or modern newspapers make it a trip away ffrom the problems of this time.
I have met the most wonderful people. History buffs who can talk over every detail of the impending battle. Those who honor their forebearers by portraying the event as honestly and authentically as humanly possible. The ladies who love to sew their clothes and parade the grounds stopping for pictures from the tourists.
I’m going to be with medical for this battle. My husband portrays a civilian doctor caught in the fever of war. He and his comrades follow the troops into battle, attending the wounded. This isn’t all pretend. They check the soldiers who have fallen for real injuries and help them if needed.
A huge crowd is expected. Like the original battle, they’ll watch and picnic and be amazed at the events.  What a tribute to both sides. I plan to post regularly about the battle.

I’ve been working on a contemporary romance about reenacting and ‘War is Heck’ is currently under consideration by The Wild Rose Press. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Barbara Edwards

The winner of Ancient Blood June contest

I’m happy to announce the winner is Raquel Byrnes.

I had dozens of entries and am pleased so many people took the time to leave comments on the variey of blogs I visited.

Thank you all,

Barbara Edwards

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