Before the Battle

I have to admit the temperatures are scorching, hovering around 100%.
So with a sturdy heart and sweaty skins we trekked around the area.view of camp

The reenactors are arriving, unpacking their vehicles and setting up camp.

At this point its hard to tell the Yankees from the Confederates and it won’t get
any easier. During this first battle of the War of Southern Rebellion, both sides wore blue or grey with many shades of each. The confusion resulted in many casualties from friend firing on friend.

cool spotThe fire department has provided huge fan s to spray water on passers-by. Everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity to cool down. The effect doesn

Tomorrow all the modern details will be gone from camp.  The soldiers

will prepare for the battle. The bands will play marching music and crowds will gather to watch the show. Many will gasp at the sound of cannon. The first Battle will foretell the pain of the many more  battle to come.

We checked the Stone house at the junction of roads leading to the battlefield. it was used to house wounded and dying during the battle.

Stone House used as hospital

We were lucky to meet another reenactor who portrays a doctor.

Doc Wheat and Doc Edwards

Several soldiers wrote letters home to family anxious for news.

Letter home
More tomorrow. If I manage to last through the heat.

Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

6 thoughts on “Before the Battle”

  1. Great photos! I used to do Civil War reenacting and it was a lot of fun, but we also had to deal with hot weather, since they ran from late spring until early fall. But I loved wearing my gowns and hoops, despite the heat.


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