Getting ready for the Battle

Fighting for Freedom

Next week we’ll be leaving for the first battle of the 150th Civil War reenactments. First Manassass or First Bull Run depending on which side you favor, is mid-July outside of Washington D.C. The 145th ran over 110 degrees on the field of battle and I’m hoping this time will be cooler.
I’m packing my authentic trunk with the dresses, petticoats, stockings and shoes I need to wear to be a participant. My parasol is ready to shade me from the sun.
Am I crazy? Yes, but you have to be to sleep in a canvas tent, with wool blankets, on the ground and cook over an open fire.
Reenacting is the most fun in the world. No radio, no televison, no PHONES or modern newspapers make it a trip away ffrom the problems of this time.
I have met the most wonderful people. History buffs who can talk over every detail of the impending battle. Those who honor their forebearers by portraying the event as honestly and authentically as humanly possible. The ladies who love to sew their clothes and parade the grounds stopping for pictures from the tourists.
I’m going to be with medical for this battle. My husband portrays a civilian doctor caught in the fever of war. He and his comrades follow the troops into battle, attending the wounded. This isn’t all pretend. They check the soldiers who have fallen for real injuries and help them if needed.
A huge crowd is expected. Like the original battle, they’ll watch and picnic and be amazed at the events.  What a tribute to both sides. I plan to post regularly about the battle.

I’ve been working on a contemporary romance about reenacting and ‘War is Heck’ is currently under consideration by The Wild Rose Press. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Barbara Edwards


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

12 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Battle”

  1. I lived in suburbs outside of DC in VA…know Manassas and Gettysburg and all the great history found in the areas. Bless you for being part of reinactments. Stay cool…the temps in that area will be so hot! But, sounds like you’ll have fun and enjoy it!


  2. Hope it cools down for you by then. Since I’m not far from Gettysburg or from the Antietam Battlefield in nearby Maryland, I love the Civil War and reading about it. Not enough to dress in hot clothes or sleep on the hard ground. lol Have fun.


  3. Hi, Barbara. My husband and I attended the reenactment of the Port Hudson Battle in Louisiana (Port Hudson was the last Confederate stand on the Mississippi after both New Orleans and Vicksburg fell). He’s a Civil War buff and I dragged him to it. He really enjoyed it. One of the soldiers ‘fell,’ but because of his size, etc, people kept approaching him to make sure he was not having a heart attack…lol. He shooed them away. Sounds like you’ll have a great time!


    1. I hope you can attend the 150 anniversary events. They should be well attended by reenactors.
      Your husband will love them.


    1. I’ll be taking my camera and video. the hardest part is I need a telecopic len for so many shots.


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