A Holiday to Remember

Barbara Edwards asks If It’s Cold Outside at A holiday to Remember at http://www.rosesofprose.blogspot.com/ Do you need to bundle up to read our gift to you?

I’m blogging at Roses of Prose today. Drop by and read my contribution to our Holiday gift to you.

A new venture

Like I have so much free time I can take on another commitment, well, yes.
As I mentioned, I love to blog. It gives me an immediate way of contacting readers and getting a response.
I participate on the Black Rose blog at The Wild Rose Press on the 25th of each month. I’ve been a guest all over the place with the release of Ancient Blood and need to settle down. I’m having a few people over to visit here. I’m working on Barb’ed comments on blogger to stretch my brain.
I’m joining with the Roses of Prose to blog regularly in a differrent venue.
We hope to draw interested readers by providing a variety of talents, viewpoints and articles from fourteen of the best authors out there. Ahem. Not humble, am I?  http://www.rosesofprose.blogspot.com/
It’s not quite ready, but I’ll keep you updated.

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