Battle of Manassass

I arrived at six am with the Army of the Gulf Medical corps. Because of the extreme heat, I sat on the sidelines. I was happy to be with my friends and I prayed none of the participants would suffer heat prostration. I watched the artillery set-up cannon.

Safety check
ready to move

Amblance drawn by mules arrives to load with wounded and dead.

People filled the stands. Over fifteen thousand sit in the beachers in the blazing sun.

spectators They listen to an announcer explain the action.An ambulance pulled by mules arrives. It will haul the dead and dying from the field. The armies gather. To the field of battle

Cavalry lead the way. The anticipation is high.

Facing forward

Flags flutter in the breeze. It’s too early in the war to display the battle flag, that came later.

Confederate Pride

Halting under the trees for water and rest. Soon they’ll face bullets and cannon fire.

Sweat and anticipation shine on faces

Cutting through the crowds to get on the field.

shortcut to the rendezvous

Ready to Advance into battle. The rowds cheeer.

ready to advance

Keeping strong in the face of horror.


March into the faces of the foe.


Advancing across the field. Cannon smoke billows over the fighting.

The bsttle rages

Too many to see who is on what side.

Confederates ready to join their comrades

Can you see? Who’s fallen? Where are the doctors?

Friend or Foe
signal corpsThe signal cops, vital in the time before radio, cello phones is on the field. the winners

Now the only thing left to do is to find the medical tents.

aid for the wounded

After many battle, both sides lost a generation of vital young men.
the South was decimated and the western emigration was born.
I saw this at the Manassass Battlefield Visitor’s Center.
It is an epitaph worth remembering.
“I had a dim notion of the ‘romance’ of a soldier’s life. I have bravely got over it since.”


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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