I miss Dixie by Barbara Edwards

Bill and Dixie enjoying the surf
Bill and Dixie enjoying the surf
Bill and Dixie enjoying the surf
Bill and Dixie enjoying the surf

I miss Dixie. I’ve been shy about sharing my feelings since I cry every time I think about my loyal friend. Dixie was a Belgian Malinois, a beautiful breed with a lively spirit.

Dixie was diagnosed with cancer two months ago. She  got worse very quickly and when I couldn’t stand seeing her in pain, we took her to the vet. I had my hand on her head, telling her I would take her home, when she passed. My heart hurts.

Dixie was a good traveler. She’d sit in the back seat and look out the window for hours then sleep. My joke was she pooped in all the states we visited. Maybe the joke was I got to use a bag to pick it up. She went to Yellowstone, Arcadia, Key West and was always a lady. In the years she lived with us we visited 42 states.

Dixie loved re-enacting and the soldiers loved her. She learned to slurp beer from a bottle and would sneak a lick of bourbon if my husband put his glass on the ground.  She ignored the cannon fire but hated canes. Go figure.

Dixie loved the snow and the sun. She loved to be at my side . I loved having her company. I really miss Dixie. 2006-12-09 13.23.28 2007-01-28 10.40.50

spring, 2012 021
Dixie in the yard

Why didn’t my connection work? by Barbara Edwards

Last week I planned to attend a wedding and made my plans. I put most of my loops on digests and sent out the blog I owed.
I have an internet air card and figured it would take me a few minutes a day to check my email. post on Triberr and the promo tweets I do daily.

Hah! What happened? First I couldn’t sign in to Juno. I have no idea why and I still don’t. Then I couldn’t sign in to yahoo. Also no reason. I didn’t change my password. I finally signed in using google– and changed my password in case it was hacked. Now it won’t recognize to new password and I’m stuck signing in through google until I can figure out the problem.

What is happening with all the changes to systems that worked fine for us common people?



Four funerals in four weeks by Barbara Edwards

Sound like the title of a novel, doesn’t it? Its what been happening in my life and messing with my mind.
Going to the funeral for a ninety six-year old grandmother was sad. She was a sweet woman who delighted in hugging everyone and whispering “I love you” in your ear. Her children and grandchildren will miss her. She enjoyed her great -grandchildren and they loved her. It was sad, sweet and somehow right.
Another elderly lady was someone we never met. She was an in-law’s grandmother who lived out of state but wanted to be buried here next to her husband. I watched people who were unhappy, but not overwhelmed. After all, she’d lived to her 101st birthday the week before.
Did I tell you I don’t like funerals? I’ve lived through my mother, sister and daughter all dying young, then my father at 86. I learned all the trappings of flowers, music and hugging don’t give much comfort.
The terrible grief drains me even though its not mine. Pity and sorrow make me cry.
Today we had to attend the funeral for a 23 year old man. Everyone said he was sweet and caring. How much he’ll be missed by his baby boy. I cried when they sang “Amazing Grace.”
People handle grief in so many different ways. All I know is it takes time to get to the other side where your life goes on.
I did say four. We had a very private burial for my best friend, Dixie. My dog died of cancer after only a few weeks after the diagnosis. Sometimes its worse to lose a pet, especially such a wonderful one. Dixie was the best dog I ever had.


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