What is that smell?

What is that smell? For almost a week I have been enjoying a wonderful fragrance outside the camper. I’d wake in the morning with a glorious, sweet, pleasant, almost sensuous aroma filling the air. I couldn’t figure out where it came from.

I walked around looking for Confederate jasmine that I know grows in the area. Nothing close. The clusters of bright Azalea bushes didn’t have any scent. I walked across the grass looking for wildflowers.

The scent didn’t come from the spiky Blueweed or the Wisteria vines twining among the trees. I did notice the number of butterflies. I couldn’t count the varieties, but didn’t have my camera when we found a Luna Moth under the pavilion roof. The soft green of its wings reminded me of the new sprigs of spring.

 I did get a picture of a Buckeye. I wanted it to fly away soon since it was near the path to the restrooms, but it took the entire day to set its wings for flight.

Anyway, I forgot the sweet perfume in my enchantment with the butterflies. Painted Ladies, Swallow-tails and Sulphurs were everywhere along with dozens I didn’t recognize.

I joined my husband for a soda under the awning and that wonderful smell filled the air.

Leaning back in my chair, I idly watched a butterfly join another, then another. They flitted upward to a tree with glossy green leaves.

Last year’s oranges still hung from the thirty foot top of a very out-of-place orange tree. Remember we’re camping in the Osceola National Forest; A harvested pine forest, not an orange grove.

I took some picture but my camera doesn’t have a zoom so I hope you can see the butterflies among the white orange blossoms and orange fruit.

I’m working on my book when I’m not hunting mysteries.

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Killing an immortal is hard work

My question is: If you use an immortal character as the villain, how do you kill him?

In Ancient Awakening the monster drained the life from his victims. He is an immortal.

Book One: Rhodes End Series
Ancient Awakening

The problem was how to resolve the dilemma. If an immortal is immortal, how can he be killed?

Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Grey are familiar names to readers of horror. They were disposed of handily by the authors, but that makes it more difficult for me to rid the world of my monster.

Dracula? I reread Bram Stoker’s tale with interest. He built the suspense in dribbles and drabs. I was fascinated and frightened by his weaving of ordinary life with the bizarre encounter with vampires. When he accomplished the destruction of Dracula, he’d built a total believability into his story. Wow.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly was a more difficult read. She had a literary background that shows in her writing and reflects the time she lived in. I was afraid of her monster. And glad it was banished to the icy reaches of the far North.  Only he’s not dead, is he?

The Portrait of Dorian Grey is another story of undeath.  Dorian choses to live forever, then makes the mistake of confronting the portrait that depicts all his sins. Makes me glad the only thing I see in my photos is an extra ten pounds and smile wrinkles.

I’ve been doing research on various stories of immortality. The vampire is alive and well in cultures around the world. It’s hard to write something fresh and frightening. Various Gods and Goddesses are also immortal: sort of a requirement I decided. When I printed a list it covered over a hundred pages. Too many choices, too little time.

I’m working on Ancient Curse, Book Three in the Finding Rhodes End Series.  Should the villain be immortal?  Maybe, but if he is,  I need to find a way to kill him.

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#Review – No More Lies by Mona Risk

#Review: No More Lies by Mona Risk

Dr. Olivia Crane is hiding a secret. She survived an abusive relationship and escaped with her infant daughter.  She has a successful career as a psychiatrist and has put the past behind her.  Giving up Dr. Luc George, the man she loves to protect her daughter seemed to be right until he returns from France.

Their attraction instantly flares.  He wants to resume their relationship, but she is afraid to upset her daughter by exposing her lies.  All her doubts resurface.

To her horror, her child’s father has been referred to her Department for an evaluation on his violent behavior. Olivia fears he will recognize her and discover he has a daughter.

Dr. Luc George has never stopped loving Olivia and this time he intends to keep her. Learning her secret, he insists only telling the truth to her daughter will enable Olivia to be free of her fears. He takes over the difficult case for Olivia. His insistence she reveal the truth forces her to tell her daughter about her father.

The situation explodes, but Mona Risk handles the conflict with skill. The ultimate resolution to Olivia and Luc’s love is nicely woven and left me satisfied. I’m looking forward to reading more work by Mona Risk.

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