One from the bucket list-Horseback at Gettysburg

The horse and me

I admit I have a long list of things to do before I die. I finally did this one and am so pleased that it went well.

After visiting Gettysburg battlefield more than a dozen times, I finally got to take the Gettysburg Battlefield tour.
I admit I’m not the best horseman in the world. I don’t like heights, horses are way too big and I don’t juggle. Meaning I had to hold the camera, the reins and the saddlehorn for most of the two hour tour.
The guide has to be licensed by the National Park service and he did a wonderful job describing the battle as we commenced our journey.

If you’ve been to Gettysburg, you know the road winds through the park with thousands of places to stop. You can read the monuments, note the markers, or stop to take a photo. I didn’t realize how different the perspective is from the center of the conflict. The fence lines have been replaced according to census records from the 1850s. Crops and orchards

are being replanted to show how the farming community looked at the time. Even the kind of fence was recorded and copied.
When the guide described how the fences halted a company until it could be torn down and how this knoll was vital to the taking of Little Round Top my heart leaped with excitement. I could actually ‘see’ the action in a way driving the roads hadn’t revealed.
Although my butt hurt after an hour, I snapped pictures and kept my horse from lowering it’s head to graze. I loved it and would do it again anytime.




Raining, again

I┬ádidn’t know whether to laugh or cry this morning. The rain and wind were a reminder of Irene’s downpour.┬áLuckily we go the grass mowed since it was up to our ankles. I stayed home. I’m tired of being wet and feeling moldy. I’m not a person who does well without sunshine. I’m listless and drowsy.
I stare at my computer screen and don’t have a thought in my head. Hope you’re doing better than I am.


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