Share a smile by Barbara Edwards

I’m on St George Island in the Gulf, a lovely place on the great migratorySt George island 2014 005 bird route. I wake every morning to a hundred different bird calls and wish I knew more about the birds making them.
There is a section of the dunes where the ‘bird’ people rope off the already forbidden area. Birds nest on the ground here.

St George island 2014 002
bird crossing sign

This is already a 15 mile per hour area, but who wouldn’t want to be extra cautious–

These flightless birds are on the endangered list and need protection to survive.

Despite the lower than average temperatures and 20 to 30 mile per hour winds over the past month. the blue herons have set-up  housekeeping in the fresh-water ponds.

I counted six nests this morning. I think it must be a record of some kind. The birds fly to the slash pine area, pluck up dry twigs and build their nest. They are so graceful I could watch for hours.St George island 2014 020




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