Traveling to Greenville, S.C.

We didn’t choose Greenville, South Carolina to stop for any
special reason. It was on the way North. This lovely Southern city was a pleasant
surprise. Furman College provides a spark of energy and the downtown is
crowded with boutiques, coffee shops and great restaurants.

Downtown Greenville

Falls Park is in the center of downtown. A pretty waterfall
drops over water-scoured boulders, colorful flower beds line paths, benches
provide restful seating, and an impressive suspended bridge stretches overhead.

Greenville, SC suspension bridge

I loved the Confederate Museum and Library’s wonderful
collections. Due to the limited number of volunteers, the place is open on
Monday and Wednesday only.

Confederate Museum and Library

The items are carefully displayed and labeled. It includes
uniform buttons, guns, small cannon, photos, and more for the Civil War buff’s
interested in the period. An authentic battle shirt displayed how the soldiers
dealt with the heat.

There were only a few items about the females of the era,
but a series of daguerreotypes were interesting to study.

I wanted to spend time in the library, but knew I’d never
leave if I started. There is a broad collection of books available to find
information on The Confederacy and its military.

This is a place I want to visit again.


The Wild Rose Press Retreat in Asheville

Booting Promo Butt

Panelists discuss promotion on the web, from websites to Shelfari, to blogs and loops, a wide- ranging presentation of what’s available for free. Besides addressing questions, a CD with a variety of articles on “how-to” will be given to class attendees.

If you know me at all, you know I am the worst internet user anywhere. I’m afraid of computer–they tend to die sudden and awful deaths at my hands. I can’  remember my own email address or if I remember to answer the ones sent to me. My efforts on the web to do promo have been hit or miss, along with disaster, calamity, chaos—

So why did I volunteer to do a class on promo? Because I’m so inept.

I can tell you every error to avoid, shortcuts to make it easier and what I found a total waste of time. I hope the attendees have a bunch of questions. I am armed and dangerous. 

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