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Please welcome my guest Lynda J. Coker.

Lynda Coker
Lynda Coker

Hi Lynda,

Welcome to Barbara Edwards Comments

I’m sure you’ve been asked lots of questions about your career and I’ve indulged my curiosity.


  1. Tell me why you wrote “THE OCEAN BETWEEN”.

Thank you for having me as your guest today, Barbara. It’s a pleasure to visit with you and your readers.

Your question is one I’ve asked myself several times, not only about THE

Ocean Between
Ocean Between

OCEAN BETWEEN, but about each story that I’ve written. The premise for The Ocean Between is about whether or not two people in love can overcome the challenge of their differing cultures, philosophies, and ideologies to form a successful and happy relationship. And in the case of the story’s heroine, Victoria Ballard, it’s about finding the strength to forgive the somewhat unforgivable actions of the hero, Prince Rashid Davar. In real life, love is never enough by itself, in fact, it’s a rather week emotion if devoid of trust, commitment, loyalty, patience, and self-sacrifice. I wanted to explore such a love story centered around my favorite hero-type, a desert sheik with an alpha male personality.

  1. You’re multi-published. Which of your heroes is your favorite and why?

Once conceived, Prince Rashid Davar of THE OCEAN BETWEEN, completely stole my heart. As a writer, he challenged me at every turn, never entirely bending to my will on any issue. In fact, early on, he often took control, insisting that I write according to his wishes. Like every alpha-male personality, he’s a natural leader/commander with a heart of gold and a stubborn streak guaranteed to drive any female crazy. Exotic and irresistible, once we’d met, there was no turning back. I had to write his story. But just to prove to him that I wasn’t a complete wimp, I gave him the challenge of his life in the form of Victoria Ballard. He wasn’t always perfect, certainly not always a gentleman, but he did prove to be redeemable, at least in Victoria’s heart. Personally, I’m still deciding…


  1. How do you keep writing when the ideas flow slowly?

I stop writing and start day-dreaming, playing the what if game. I think about where I’m stuck in the story and start questioning every conceivable plot change, personality twist, motive, conflict, and resolution. In playing the game, I guess you could say that I really go off the deep end… What I mean is, I reach for the extreme, fanatical, impossible, or crazy answers. None of those ever end up in my stories, but they serve as springboards to new ideas and inspiration.


I enjoy so many things about life, especially relationships of the heart. Family, friends, and a brotherhood that comes from shared beliefs and goals are just a few of the gifts in my life. Writing Sweet Romance gives me the chance to peel back the layers that obscure the emotion we call love, revealing the complexities with each beat of the heart.

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Victoria half sat, half lay on the limousine’s passenger seat. The car’s tinted windows shut out all but the brightest lights, plunging her and the devil beside her into deep shadow.

She wanted to straighten herself but the entangling robe imprisoned her better than a rope. The prospect of drawing his attention gave her reason to stay still. How did one deal with a psychopath, a silver bullet? Perhaps a stake through the heart? Not possessing either, her wits would have to suffice.

She waited and watched him, slowing her breathing to quiet its sound. His  familiar spicy scent now mingled alarmingly with the pungent odor of hot, angry male. One who had just carried her down two flights of stairs and through a block of hallways. His scent was no longer exotic, but earthy, raw, dangerous.

The only parts of him clearly visible were his hands. Fisted, they rested on his legs. She was sure that whatever caused them to tremble wasn’t fear. He hadn’t stirred or spoken since the car sped away from the Civic Center.

An involuntary gasp escaped her throat when he moved forward and switched on the dome light. Angling his head, he gave her a pitiless glare. Then, locking her eyes with his, he reached to activate the privacy window. The glass partition rose and so did her panic.

The silent authority in his eyes held hers captive. Just like the glow bugs she used to collect as a child. The ones she sealed in one of her mother’s crystal vases and set on her bedside table, leaving them to expend their last flash of brilliance in captivity. She had never thought the childish act cruel…until now.

He moved again, this time in her direction. She strained to get one arm free from the robe and looked in every direction for something she could use to defend herself. Nothing appeared. Exhausted, she lay sweating, trembling, and near tears.

Through all her struggles he had simply waited. Now, he reached for her. This, she thought, will be tomorrow’s headline. ‘Victoria Ballard strangled on her wedding night!’

Rashid grabbed both sides of her robe and yanked upwards, successfully untangling her body. Then his hands slid under each of her arms, lifting and positioning her against the back of the leather seat. The sound of tinkling bells caused his eyes to widen with renewed disgust.

His solid chest rose and fell in a short, hard rhythm. Leaning closer still, he invaded the last inch of space between them. When he ran the tip of his finger down her cheek and pushed a lock of hair from her face, her senses somersaulted as if she’d just propelled off a mountain backward. There was no up, down, or point of reference to stabilize her emotions, not until he spoke to her again, his voice deep and raspy.

“Though you may deserve otherwise, I have no intention of strangling you on our wedding night.”

How did he know what she had been thinking?

The ring tone on his cell phone almost splintered her sanity. Sliding back across the seat, he easily dismissed her and spoke with whoever was on the phone in complete calmness. Not one unsteady syllable passed his lips. For that, she both envied and despised him.

The Wild Rose Press – http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=243_89_99&products_id=3616


Thanks for being my guest, Lynda. I look forward to reading your book. I love the excerpt.


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