Guess where I found promo by Barbara Edwards

Barbara Edwards
Barbara Edwards
Alright, I wanted a catchy hook to drag you to this post.
I’m sharing info with you today.
It’s not easy to find those promo sites where you can post your new release, get a review or cheaply send tweets to thousands.
I didn’t purposely collect so many places.
When I knew my short Christmas story, Dixie’s Gift, would be released this autumn, I started collecting places. Theses are all from my twitter feed. Every one of them followed me and I followed them back. When a likely place popped up, I added it to my favorites with a bookmark.
Yikes! Little did I know I’d find such a varied treasure lode.
I’m not saying I’ve used them all, or recommend one or the other. I’m saying I checked all of them and am using a few I found good for me.
So, with my best wishes, here:

Brag my Book : Promotional Plans
(Thankful author blog) Available for interviews on this site


Like thunderclap

Book Promotion | Sign Up

A Book Marketing Truth Few Experts Will Admit

Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press, Dixie’s Gift.

Dixie's Gift
Dixie’s Gift

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

28 thoughts on “Guess where I found promo by Barbara Edwards”

  1. Thank you! Promotion is not something I find easy, so a list like yours is priceless. Best wishes with Dixie!


  2. Wow, nice list and so wonderful of you to share it with us, but then, that is your nature. Best wishes on your Christmas story, Dixie;s Gift. I am hoping to have a book of my own to promote in the not too distant future so the timing, for me, is perfect. Barbara Helene


  3. Great list! Your title worked and did drag me here, lol. Just kidding- I would’ve come anyway 🙂
    I see a few new ones to add to my list! Thank you for sharing and good luck with your release.


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