How does my garden grow?

Any gardener knows the value of mulch. Mulch cools the roots in the summer, shelters small plants, smothers weeds and warms during the winter. Mulch can add color as well. The right type can decompose and feed the plants. The variety available is amazing: rocks, wood chips, plastic sheets, shredded tires,

So why discuss mulch? It occurred to me that the right ‘mulch’ helps me write. Yep. Picture me as a plant wanting to blossom, in other words an author writing a book. What do I need?

Protection from the elements, maybe a quiet corner.  How important have you found that small special place to spread your writing roots? I usually need my own desk, a comfortable chair, my computer to settle, but there have been times when a beach chair and a legal pad worked. I surround myself with that blanket.

Stimulation?  We need mental nourishment. Do what ever is necessary to fire up the fires of imagination. Go to a movie, read a book, knit a sweater, take a nap. Wait, nap?  Einstein slept in short naps and look what he did.

Food? Maybe. I’ve cut back on snacking because of the secretary spread, but I do indulge in hot tea, a piece of fruit or whatever I need for comfort food. Writing can be an emotional drain.

Plants don’t need exercise, but people do. I just learned its better to move for five minutes every hour than to wait and do twenty minutes after four hours of sitting. So stretch those leaves and roots frequently. It gets the sap flowing.

Think about your needs and use the best mulch for your garden.


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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