Ready to roll by Barbara Edwards

For a long time—years if you want to be technical- I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Alaska.

I have sent for the brochures, checked the weather and we are going.

It’s not easy to drive from Connecticut to Alaska and return in time to go to Florida, but we are doing it.

Fifth wheel
Fifth wheel

First things first. I am moving the equipment form out 35 foot fifth wheel into a truck camper that fits on the eight foot bed of our Dodge Ram. Whooee! Not much room and only the vital items are going. Coffee pot, cooking gear, propane grill and clothes going into one 3×2 closet for clothes for three months. Everything must do double duty.

I’m so excited.

I also need to pack my laptop and printer. Only I can’t figure out where.

truck camper
truck camper

I’ve been so paranoid that something would happen at the last minute to prevent the trip.

Yesterday, my husband was putting a few items in the basement. There was water spraying across the room. The city water pipe had sprung a leak. I stood at the top of the steps and watched water drip down the wall as I held my hand over my heart. Literally.

The water company sent an emergency van to the house. He called a plumper after struggling to shut off the water from the street for a long

My 1972 Gothic Victorian
My 1972 Gothic Victorian

time. Old pipes, old house, so it figures.

Luckily, nothing broke when they worked on the leak. It is fixed although they think it may need to have the pipes redone. When we get back. Whew.

I’m checking the national weather report daily.

I have the TripRik from AAA.

Maps and water bottles. Dog food and the long lead.

Oh my.

If we forget anything there are stores along the way.

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