Meteor Crater and Walnut Canyon by Barbara Edwards

Painted Desert badlands

Painted Desert badlands, then Route 66 stretches across sagebrush acres.   Meteor CraterNext morning we stop at Meteor Crater, a national landmark. The deep impact is so impressive, but like everything else this morning its too big to take a good picture. I did try. There are waved of rock across the pastures, left from dirt thrown by the impact. The land around here is my idea of the old West written about by Zane Grey. Brown grass from the winter, sagebrush and low cedar twisted by the wind. Part   of the road has signs warning of cattle on the road. Mountains pierce the sky ahead- the Sierra Nevadas. This is high plains country and we’re having the best weather so far on our trip. The sun is bright, puffy clouds float against the robin’s egg blue sky and the land look flat although it gently rolls. Flagstaff ahead, then the California line. Walnut Canyon Pueblo

IMG_0087Walnut Canyon is a beautiful place with views of cliff dwellings, long trails and a variety of plants and animals. Cougar live here, Rain fell over the peaks to the North fo flagstaff. Stopped in Ash Fork for fuel. Place is busy, but not very big. Like many other towns a number of businesses are closed, others are freshly painted and ready for customers. We’re near Seligman and its raining. The sun is shining in the distance.

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