Another day and I’m losing track by Barbara Edwards

Volcanic rock lines the road
Volcanic rock lines the road

Black, black, black lava flows cover the valley floor before we stopped last night. It looks incredibe. I keep thinking God must have taken a pitcher and poured the lines across the land.

This morning we quickly pass the continental divide at 7,000+ feet.

Oil refineries, a paper mill and small tourist businesses catch my eye. I’m not a big shopper so browsing stores doesn’t get me excited. I told Bill I’m going to look for native gemstone jewelry in Alaska. I already have genuine tourquoise and silver jewelry my Aunt Mary bought in the late 1940s when she visited with her husband.

Living under a cliff
Living under a cliff

Arizona pops up and the cliffs tower over the welcome station. Red rock boulders, green brush and horses with foals pastured by the road. It’s warmer, in the sixties and overcast. I hope it stays clear until after we visit the pertified forest.

We have 30 days to reach Seattle and every stop is IMG_0026planned, sort-of. We can skip the Grand Canyon since we camped there a couple years ago.

Speed limit has been 75 mph, but we’re cruising between 60-65 since it gives us the best fuel mileage.

There isn’t always internet so my blogs are raggedly timed.

Hope you like them. I am boggled by the endless beauty of our country. I can’t see enough with only one pair of eyes.

Make sure you plan to see all this. It’s all ours.


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