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Welcome to Barbara Edwards Comments, Linda J. Burson the author of ragefront453x680-png-cover-of-novelRage, Book 1 in the Marcy Series.

Tell us more about your story, Linda.

How evil is your villain?

Evil is a great word for the villains in this story. There are multiple villains in the Marcy series starting with the first book Rage; they are the individuals that are part of violent gangs. They are vile human beings that are an unfortunate part of our society. The malevolent acts these people cause are indescribable. The most unspeakable acts are the ones committed against our deuteragonist’s family.

These villains, many people can relate to because either they’ve had contact with someone like this, they know someone else that has had contact with someone like this, or they’ve read about stories in newspaper and magazines or on social media about people like this. The violence of some of the criminals in our society affects us all. We don’t like to feel unsafe when walking along a street, or worrying about home invaders while in the comfort of our own homes, or even being in a store or bank when it is robbed by a dangerous person with a weapon. However, as long as there are wicked individuals and gangs in society, we can all be faced with life-threatening situations. It’s because of these situations that many people will relate to this evil villain; and since they will be able to relate to it, they will love the comeuppance these villains receive. 

Even as the story continues, different kinds of villains arise. That’s also the fun part of the Marcy series. There isn’t one particular villain that is concentrated on throughout the story; there are crazy people, sociopaths, and those with power and money that have their own agenda. Our heroine and heroes are involved throughout all the books with one kind of evil villain or another. There are a variety of villains for everyone and satisfactory resolutions. I feel for this reason, many will find the books in the Marcy Series engaging and fun.


Marcy Jensen finds she is having nightmares that she can’t control. She is frustrated, angry and confused by this sudden change. Her boyfriend and love of her life, Brad Preston, gives her an ultimatum: seek help, or he’s leaving.

One dark, chilly evening after a terrible, emotional day, Marcy finds herself in the middle of a robbery and a gun to her head. After her stressful day, she snaps. Pushed over the edge, she finds herself attacking the gunman.

The same night after this attempted robbery, Marcy meets Liam with whom she feels an inexplicable connection. After talking to Marcy, because she still having the raw edge of the evening with her, Liam convinces her to join him on his quest to find his family’s murderers.

As they delve into the dark world of revenge, Marcy’s life begins to fall apart. Before she realizes it, she falls in love with this mysterious stranger. The two of them become close and gradually allow light and love to envelop them.


When we arrive at the commuter lot where my car is parked, I remain seated looking at him. My thoughts return to the moment I realized I was in love with him. Was it always there somewhere in the depths of my soul, or was it at the moment when I saw the real person? My heart skips a beat every time I look in his direction and my emotions take over.

“You must think I cry an awful lot,” I impart as the tears come streaming down my face again.

“No, baby. I know you’re in pain right now. I wish I knew how to make things easier for you—for both of us.” Then he adds,

Oh that my head were waters

And my eyes a fountain of tears 

That I might weep day and night.”

I look at him with my tear-filled eyes. “That’s beautiful.”

“Jeremiah, Chapter 9, Verse 1,” he replies.

“You’re a special man, Evan Liam Brooks. I don’t understand why all this happened, but I have to believe there’s a reason. I have to trust in my faith that everything will be fine and will work out as it’s supposed to.”

instagram-profile-picAuthor Bio:

Linda Burson, a Connecticut resident for over 27 years, has been writing ever since she was a teenager. She started out writing memoirs and continued writing by attempting several nonfiction pieces.

Following a serious bout of breast cancer, Linda eventually closed down her business after almost fifteen years. She decided it was time to attempt writing again. In January, 2013, her idea of a single book turned into a trilogy, which turned into a much longer series called the MARCY series.

Linda’s first five books in the Marcy Series are published—and the sixth will be available in 2017. She is also in the process of writing a new thriller, and has just completed a murder mystery novel she hopes to have published in 2017.

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