Another day, another mountain by Barbara Edwards

Mt Rainier is somewhere ahead.

IMG_0114The road winds past blueberry farms, cattle and horses, lumber piles.




IMG_0128Lots of sawn logs and mills. Moss covers the tree trunks and house roofs.





Maybe we’ll see the sun, in bits and pieces, today.




Mt Rainier forest
Mt Rainier forest

The forest is thick and lush.

The trees tower overhead.







IMG_0169The higher we drive on the Park, the more snow we see until we reach Paradise.




IMG_0194It’s piled ten feet deep and started to snow as we stop in the parking area. There’s no electric power because of the utility repairs.



IMG_0201We’re in the clouds and can’t see Mt Rainier.




Maybe we’ll see it from the highway tomorrow.

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Yosemite in the rain and snow by Barbara Edwards

IMG_0082I had to remind myself that Yosemite wasn’t the object of our trip, but a bonus.

It’s raining this morning and 42 degrees.



With snow predicted for tonight we have a debate about leaving. We talked to the volunteers at th ranger station and they claim it will be above 6 thousand fee, and the camp-ground is four.

IMG_0114Bill says let’s try the roads. He doesn’t mind driving in the rain. So. We head out for Bridal-veil Falls first and the






IMG_0098Wamona tunnel first. We’re half-way to Yosemite Valley and it is snowing. What to do?




We visited Bridal-veil Falls, walked to the base in the rain, Yosemite Village with its odd traffic pattern,


El Capitain and looked up into the rain to see the top, Yosemite Falls from the road turn-off and turned up Route 120. IMG_0092





Oops. Big mistake. We got turned back by the Park Rangers because we needed chains to get through the building snow. Taking 140 West to exit the park.



Lassen Volcanic National Park by Barbara Edwards

I hope you forgive me for jumping around. With the internet a strange and unusual unreliable, I’m hopping to today. I’ll jump back I promise.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is forty miles from the campground.

Across the valley floor
Across the valley floor

Not too far to drive, so here we go.






forest at four thousand feet
forest at four thousand feet

It gets colder as we travel the narrow winding road up over five thousand feet into the snow-clad forest. Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, and Redwoods crowd the road.





I’d say over four inches of snow fell last night.






Devastated area
Devastated area
Devastated area
Devastated area

The roads further in the park are closed, but we see the Devastated area.






A horrendous explosion on May 19, 1914 blew the side off the mountain. The damage is clear even a hundred years later.

volcanic rock field
volcanic rock field
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