Cruises are a trip!

Did I tell you my husband and I went on a cruise? Probably not since guilt filled my heart about leaving all my family and friends in the cold. After that first snowstorm hit, we decided going on a cruise would be great.

Oct 25, 2011 snowstorm

Packing for a cruise is the hardest part. How many formal nights? I need a gown? The one from the last wedding I went to is too old and out of fashion. What? I need more then one? And what exactly is semi-formal?

Men have it so easy. Wear a suit with a tie. Or wear a formal suit with a cummerbund and bow-tie, sheesh.

I need heels, stockings, nice jewelry and new body to hang all those fancy clothes on. How

Maitre de makes Cherries Jubilee

many suitcases do I need for all these clothes? I stuffed everything into three cases, but had a little overlap into the husband’s garment bag. And where did the duffle bag come from? Oh, the stuff we need to carry on. And my computer case.

Weird how it all grew and grew. (And I didn’t wear it all)   Did I mention the casual elegant nights? That’s where if you do wear casual you feel like a slob. And the rule is very strict. No jeans. There went half my wardrobe.

In port

So we went onboard. To relax. To enjoy the sun. To eat all those wonderful dishes I would never cook at home. I’m home and writing now, but I’ll share more photos.

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