#Review – Shift Happens, Carus Series, J.C. McKenzie from Barbara edards

Review Shift Happens, Carus Series, J.C. McKenzie

ShiftHappens_w8140_750Shift Happens begins with a murder. Not a normal murder, but an assassination by Andrea, a shape-shifter working for a government agency. Only he’s not dead, she’s not your usual shifter and the government is hunting her, not giving her assignments. From there it gets better.

Andrea, or Andy as she insists she be called, is a different kind of shifter who lives in a time when paranormal forms are out in the open. J.C. McKenzie has made changes to the usual shape-sifter, werewolf, vampire, witch and even demons from the accepted stereotypes. Enough to increase the tension, but not enough to jar me from the increasingly twisted plot.

Andy is battling hurtful memories that keep her from trusting the werewolf Wick who lures her to be his mate. I liked the uncertainty in their building attraction. In fact I liked all the characters from the well-portrayed hero to the multiple villains.

With help from Wick, she works to unravel why she is targeted to take the fall for the attempted murder, what is Carus and her longing to mate. She must also protect her shifter secrets as she battles with changing enemies.

The story ended too soon for me. I want more and am looking forward to the next in the series.

I gave this five stars on Amazon, Goodreads and Paranormal Love Features with five dragons

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Review: A Red, Red Rose by Susan Coryell from Barbara Edwards

Susan Coryell’s A Red, Red Rose quickly drew me into the slightly gothic atmosphere of a Southern mansion with a ghost and a hidden history. Ashby, a modern girl, misses her cell phone and internet access as she takes on caring for her nephew for the summer at the family home she’s never visited. The explanations for the estrangement increase the suspense page by page just as the romance between Ashby and Luke grows stronger.

Ashby is intrigued by the family secrets and the ghostly spirit that seems to be protecting her. despite the reluctance of everyone to share what they know, Ashby persists. The revelation result in a violent and surprising end.

I really enjoyed reading A Red, Red Rose and will be looking for the next story by Susan.

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Link: http://amzn.com/B00GVKMG0K

# Review Saturday in Serendipity by Margo Hornstat


Review of  Saturday in Serendipity by Margo Hornstat by Barbara Edwards

Margo creates a delightful cast of characters in this anthology. The stories circle around the  people who reunite for their 20th class reunion.

In Three Strikes Thursday I was hooked on the first page by baseball jock Barry Carlson who made a stupid mistake with the girl he loved Amanda Marsh and  left her behind when he went on to a successful sport career. He returns to coach the local team, but Amanda also works there. Unable to resolve their differences, they also admit their love never died. The resolution is sweet.

Two onTuesday brings together Matt Durand, an investment financier  & Blane Weston, head of a construction company looking for investors. He’s fascinated by a beautiful woman in a man’s job and wants to pursue a relationship. Blane has worked hard to be a success and resists his efforts because she feels he doesn’t respect her. She hopes to find another investor while at the reunion, but Matt throws a wrench in the works. Another great resolution.

Jake Holbrook & Dr. Bethany Thomas were friends since third grade and thought that love would bind them together. A misunderstanding has Jake leaving. Instead Bethy marries another only to spend years in regret. Jake hires Bethany to head the clinic at his hospital. Bethany is fighting to recover from years of mental abuse and every error on Jake’s part widens the wedge. The way they find the way to a new life together is well written and believable.

I recommend this to everyone who believes in love and happily ever after.

Margo Hornstat Like many writers, it’s hard to determine exactly when my fiction writing career began. I remember composing a short story in grade school (I have no idea about what) which was chosen for publication in an all school anthology. A journalism class taken in junior high school led to a job on the school newspaper and a weekly column.

I always loved reading. I loved writing too. Someday, I thought, maybe when I grew up and received the right training, I could actually write a book. After all, I was often told, laughingly most times, I had an extremely vivid imagination.

Through the years, the desire to write was always there. I had so many ideas and characters roaming around in my head, so many stories. But the business of living—going to college, getting married then raising a family—took precedence over something as frivolous as writing a book.

Then one day out of the blue I was downsized—effective immediately—from a job I’d held for over thirty years. What seemed so unfair at the time, I now recognize the tremendous gift I was given that day. As I’m now able to spend more and more time doing what I love—writing romantic fiction—I find I really do have an abundance of stories to share.

Saturday-in-Serendipity-CoverA twenty year high school reunion changes the lives of former classmates and leads to unexpected futures.

Three Strikes Thursday
Barry Carlson, a pro baseball success, could have any woman he wanted. Except one. Twenty years before, Barry won Amanda Marsh’s love, only to crush her heart. He’s returned to Serendipity, determined to win her back. Recently divorced, Amanda is happy—until Barry slides back into her life. Can they put aside old wounds and new misunderstandings to find a forever love?

Two On Tuesday
Blane Weston’s construction company needs the venture capital Matt Durand has. With his reputation for hostile takeovers, she wants no part of him. Mixing business with pleasure, she’s off to Serendipity to hook up with a former flame. Not used to being denied, Matt follows. How can Blane enjoy a journey to her past when Matt is determined to dictate her future?

One Fateful Friday
His high school reunion in Serendipity over, hospital CEO Jake Holbrook regrets his single state. When a special woman from his past tumbles back into his life—and his bed—he’s determined to keep her there. Family practitioner Bethany Thomas avoids an entanglement with her new boss, but unknowingly betrays him. As the holidays approach, can they overcome a lack of trust to find their Christmas miracle?

#Review: The Sheriff’s Gift by Kara O’Neal (Pike’s Run Series, Book Two)

51RBIxVmpvL._SS300_Review: The Sheriff’s Gift by Kara O’Neal (Pike’s Run Series, Book Two)

Alice Parker has dreamed of being a teacher and it looks like her dream is coming true. She’s been hired by Pike’s Run to educate their children. But not everything is going smoothly. Her strong will and independent attitude have her clashing with the town leader. Her attraction to Sheriff  Conner Lonnigan has her questioning her goals.

Conner falls for Alice from their first meeting, but he can’t ask her to marry him. He’s responsible for his panic attack prone mother, two brothers and his duties as sheriff fill his days.

He pursues her anyway.

After  night of passion Alice is willing to give up her dream until she finds Conner won’t offer marriage. Betrayed, she refuses his apology. Conner must solve his problems if Alice is to be part of his life.

An absorbing tangle of conflict kept me reading this adventure until the end.

Link: http://amzn.com/B00HET7ZEE


#Review End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean

It makes no sense to work to write a review and not share it. So here is my #Review, End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean

Toby Lawson’s past keeps her from a bright future. She believes her alcoholic mother needs her care and love despite her failure to stay sober. Toby has worked hard to earn her teaching certificate and leave her tainted past, but she takes on a project she believes important and refuses to back down.

Noah Rivers doesn’t understand Toby’s conflicted feelings. Or why she thinks she’ll be like her mother.

Both are from an era when innocence was the norm. The conflicts are part of that time. I Enjoyed reading it.

Alicia Dean creates a nostalgic glimpse into a time when innocence prevailed.

Buy Link http://amzn.com/B00QQO3BK0

Savage Deception: review by Barbara Edwards

Product DetailsSavage Deception Review


In Savage Deception, R.T. Wolfe hooked me from the first page. I wanted to know why Nickie Savage was so deeply emotional about saving girls from underage prostitution. After all, she is a police Detective and able to control her feelings to do her job. She is involved with Duncan Reed, a handsome, rich and passionate artist with an eidetic memory who is willing to help her solve her cases. Their relationship suffers because Nickie can’t resolve her past until she finds the truth about the present. R.T. complicates the story again and again. I didn’t see the lies coming from every side although I did dislike the right people.

R.T. Wolfe enjoys creating diverse characters and twining them together in the midst of an intelligent mystery and a heart encompassing romance. It’s not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.’s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in their terrariums on her counters. R.T. loves her family, gardening, eagle-watching and can occasionally be found viewing a flyover of migrating whooping cranes.


I don’t want to spoil the ending by telling you how Nickie and Duncan find the clues and fit them together. I can assure you that I will be reading the next offering in this series.

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#Review: Twice the Trouble by Sandra Dailey

Product DetailsTwice the Trouble by Sandra Dailey

Lacey Carlyle has more trouble than she can shoulder when the farm she has built into a viable business is bought for development. Desperate, she wants the new owner to consider selling to her only he’s Alex Benson, who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Alex wants revenge for Lacey’s betrayal. He’s never gotten over her and hopes forcing her into a short-term marriage will free him from his past hurt. She never answered his letters and when he was badly injured in an explosion she ignored his plight.

The biggest problem is each still feels the sexual attraction that overpowered them in the past. Lacey can’t tell Alex their lovemaking resulted in pregnancy and the birth of twins she’s been raising alone.

Conflict arises at every turn. Family interference makes problems worsen and neither Lacey nor Alex is ready to trust again.

The resolution results from a building tension and returning love. It was a satisfying read and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for romance.

Published by The Wild Rose Press

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Review: Lost Honor by Loreen Augeri from Barbara Edwards

Lost HonorI never know when I start a Historical Romance what to expect so I was pleased that I was immediately drawn in to the action with the capture of the female stowaway. Descriptions of the American Sailing ship were vivid and believable.

Arianna Pemberton is a feisty heroine fighting for a measure of freedom not allowed to women in her time. Her resolve is eroded by her growing attraction then love for Captain Danvers. How can she actually sail the seas when he is as protective as her father?

Morgan Danvers honor is threatened by his lust for the lovely stowaway. He can’t return to port if he hopes to rescue his pirate captured brother and he can’t allow Adrianna free run of his ship. His engagement to another woman leaves him fighting for his honor as he is overwhelmed by love.

A tangled plot with several unexpected twits kept me reading until a satisfying end.

I gave this novel 5 stars out of five.

You can find it at The Wild Rose Press

or Amazon


#Review – Storm Riders by Karen Michelle Nutt

#Review – Storm Riders by Karen Michelle Nutt

Storm Rider Samantha Skelly’s mission is to mend rifts in time. Sent on the power of a thunderstorm to 1879 to rescue Ace McTavish is one more job. Save the package, mend the rift and leave without any personal exchange. Everything is fine until she poses as a local ‘lady of the night’ and kisses Ace. Their attraction is instant. Sparks fly as Sam fights to keep her distance despite her growing passion.

Ace is thankful he’s been saved from hanging, but he can’t leave without his kidnapped niece. He understands there is no future for him with a woman from the future, but loves her anyway. Sam and her partner reluctantly agree to help him save his niece since it will keep the rift closed.

Karen Michelle Nutt has provided an interesting and satisfying read. She ties up all the threads of the story and leaves the reader with a happy ending.


Here’s another review. I’m still a little nervous about reviewing. I like to think i know a lot about many subjects, but this is different. I hope it helps you to find another good book.

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