Redwood Forest Parks by Barbara Edwards

Redwoods Forest is a little like Sherwood forest, a mythical place.IMG_0093





tsunami warning signs are everywhere lo





Keeno and the wavesForty three degrees on the Golden Bluffs Beach this morning.




Golden Bluffs Beach
Golden Bluffs Beach

We’re up early to get past the narrow section on the gravel road. We go over the mudslide that is partially cleared from the road. Our campsite is on the beach.




IMG_0143Yep,  100 yards of black sand, crashing waves and sunshine. The noise of the waves is like a train rumbling all night. Did I mention we saw a seal on the beach? Too far to photo but a thrill.

Potholes filled with water make the going slow.

IMG_0155We hit 101 then turn onto the Klamath River coastal drive. I thought the other road was narrow.. This is hair-raising narrow with drop-offs and spectacular views, first of the river than the Pacific Ocean. The waves crash on the black sand beach. The road is now dirt and gravel for two miles of eight foot wide driving area. Yikes.

More views of the Pacific. Blue water, white crests on the waves, black sand make a memory worth keeping.

Next is the place in the Redwoods Forest we’re staying tonight. At the information center in Crescent City, the Ranger recommends the drive through the ‘most spectacular area in the entire forest’ to reach the Jedidiah Woods camping area. Nothing over 24 feet long, eight feet wide or fourteen high. I should have caught the high. And the wide. He smiled so nicely.

The road is not only narrow it is thin. Bill maneuvers between huge Redwood tree trunks with only inches to spare. He wonders what he’ll do if we meet another vehicle and darned it one doesn’t head for us. He squeezed past and I gave a tremendous sigh of relief. Bill laughed.

We find the camp-ground. The trees are so high there is very little sun reaching the ground. The undergrowth is lush, ferny, mossy green. Beautiful. It even smells like growing plants.

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