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perf5.000x8.000.inddForget Me Not, a new release by Maureen Bonatch. Please welcome my guest Maureen Bonatch. She’s here to tell us more about her new release. Please share how you came up with the idea for this story.

The story for FORGET ME NOT formed last February while my hubby, my girls, and I stole away to a cabin over Valentine’s weekend to relax and enjoy quiet time together. Despite ensuring access to the finer things in life such as bathroom and shower facilities, the snow blanketed our remote cabin into peace and solitude. I spent this time reflecting upon how fast life goes by and how many decisions are guided by our head and not our hearts. These decisions might prove fruitful financially, but no money can buy, or replace, true love.

maureenbonatchFORGET ME NOT is about second chances and taking the time to enjoy the little things in life like family, friends and good conversation. My heroine must learn to shed her insecurities and embrace the small town where everyone knows everything and loves you all the more because of it.

What if your memories hadn’t been made yet?

Forget Me Not (A Candy Hearts Romance)
by Maureen L. Bonatch
Buy Link: http://amzn.com/B018L3GFAG
The car accident totaled Sabrina Post’s convertible and reinvented her memories. She can’t recall dumping Cole Dawson ten years ago. What her new clairvoyant visions tell Sabrina is he’s her husband.

Any practical girl would question her sanity. But if Sabrina wants to make this imaginary future a reality, she’ll have to regain Cole’s trust and eliminate her rival, the coffee shop waitress who’s pegged Cole as husband #4.

To prove she’s foreseen their destiny, Sabrina stirs Cole’s interest by revealing specifics about him she couldn’t have otherwise known. Unfortunately, the one detail he vividly remembers is the pain when she left him and their “rinky-dink” town in her rearview mirror.

If Cole can’t believe she’s a changed woman, can Sabrina accept the only second chance she has at love exists in her memories?

A Fantasy romance from The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: January 6, 2016
Cover Artist: RJ Morris
Editor: Frances Sevilla

978-1-5092-0502-8 Digital

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Maybe psychic ability can be inherited

I’m truly curious about how many authors can claim psychic abilities. I woke this morning wondering if I have to admit I have some psychic talent.

It’s like rattling my closet skeletons. I’m so nervous. People will think I’m weird. I’ll be pointed at on the street and have to move or change my name. Boy, am I going off on a

Writers are the most accepting people in the world. We understand what makes people different and value all the quirks. It all adds to the characters and plot we create.

I use psychic abilities to round out my characters, but it’s usually a secondary part of their personality. Annie knows her child is threatened. Rachel senses her twin’s feelings. That’s
recorded and researched ability. Lily sees auras, but not on everyone or even
when it will reveal the villain.

I don’t share those talents, but I do know how it feels to have that unexplainable episode occur. I am puzzled, even confused. For a minute I question why the people around me didn’t see or hear that ‘other’.  I always have a lag time. My reality has to accept the unreality as real.

Confusing? Oh yes. I think my mother had a talent, too, but she died young and I didn’t know enough to ask. She always explained to me that it was all right. I remember once waking from a vivid dream of a recently deceased person who grabbed my arm. I had a finger pattern of bruises on my bicep. Mom said I was the only one she could reach and
to pray for her soul. Scary now that I look back.

I have vivid dreams that sometimes do come true. I also dream my story before I start
writing. Along with a few other things I didn’t mention.  Let me know what you think. Do you use psychic abilities is your stories? Do you have one?

Ancient Blood by Barbara Edwards Paranormal romance

Lily Alban escapes a murderous stalker, but his vicious attack
leaves her with the ability to see auras. She finds safety in the tiny hamlet
of Rhodes End where a stranger stands out like a red light. Try as she might to
deny her growing desire for Cole, she seeks his help but soon discovers the man
she loves is not a man at all.

Werewolf Cole Benedict resists his attraction to Lily. A botanist
researching the healing herbs to find a cure for Lycanthropy, he’s determined
to protect Lily from her stalker as well as himself even in human form, but
instinct takes over when he changes to his inner beast.

Together they must use their extraordinary gifts to catch Lily’s
stalker before he attacks again, but revealing their secrets to one another
could destroy their growing love or save them both.

makes you so important? Or is this another secret?”

Cole’s eyes darkened. “Lily. I’m pushing the
line with you. Give me some slack.”

“I want answers, Cole.” She grabbed his arm
as he turned and pulled him to a halt.

He gently, carefully drew her fierce grip
into his grasp. His golden eyes heated as he lifted her hand to his lips. “I
already told you, Lily. You’d have to mate with me to learn all my secrets.”

Urgent need raced from his lips to her
center. His scorching gaze melted her from the inside out. All her being longed
to step into his arms, to become one in a way she’d never known. She trembled
as she recognized the danger.

Author Web: http://barbaraedwards.net

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Blood Buy link http://tinyurl.com/3f627vh

Do you see what I see?

Old cemetery

We all have psychic abilities, but something inside convinces us it’s safer to say it’s only ‘imagination’.  I’ve seen the flicker of movement from the corner of my eye when nothing is there. I know it’s silly to worry about an open closet door or to check under the bed. I’m afraid to walk across a cemetery in the dark.

Is this what makes a story scary? I’m not sure I know. I know what frightens me, but it probably isn’t the same for others.

I use my fear to make my story real for the reader. That
shaky feeling in the middle of the night when I’m not sure what woke me can be
the same fear my heroine feels. Try to drag me to the edge of a cliff and I’ll
fight every inch of the way.

Have I seen ghosts? Depends what you mean. As in a light floating in the dark or a dark silhouette where no person exists? Yes, I’ve seen both and been frightened.


Does that show in my books?
I’ve been told that it does.

Here’s an excerpt from Ancient Awakening:

Book Cover
Paranormal romance

Legend gave him many names, but the wide halls of his mountain
retreat no longer echoed with countless worshipers. He could have ruled the
world had his ambition not died with the passage of time. The endless whispers
were from the cold winds and the few praying priests. He didn’t care that he
couldn’t remember his real name or birthplace.

For an eon he’d regretted the loss of softer emotions. Love had
been the first feeling to die, along with the woman who had insisted he would
never harm her. He couldn’t recall her features just the merry tinkle of her
laughter and the bright smile she had greeted him with every morning. He licked
his lips. She’d tasted sweet.

Fierce need flared in his gut and he sniffed the air. Outside
his chamber a single acolyte in long brown robes waited to escort him. His mouth
curved with a mirthless smile. The silent servants had ignited the flickering
wall torches. Shadows jumped and shivered in the drafty halls like nervous


Visit my website at http://www.barbaraedwards.net  for more.

I’ll be at Write Angles Conference 2011 on Oct 22, 2011

By writers, for writers — in our
26th year in Western Massachusetts Mount Holyoke, East Hadley MA

PANEL SESSION II – 11:15 am to
12:30 pm (Choose one)

Exploring the Avenues and
Lanes of Sci-Fi/Fantasy
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Moderator: Tanya Shersnow

Panelists: Holly Black, Corrina Lawson, Barbara Edwards

This panel will explore the sub-genres within this ever expanding genre, giving
attendees a sense of what’s new in 2011, and offer advice and inspiration about
associations and publishers within this genre.

Author Web: http://barbaraedwards.net

Facebook: http://facebook.com/BarbaraEdwards

Ancient Blood http://on.fb.me/naHRY5

Twitter: http://twitter.com/barb_ed

Authors Den: http://authorsden.com/barbaraedwards

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003F6ZK1A

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