Patient or patience: a lesson to learn

Waiting is the hardest part of being the one not in the hospital. I have no patience in real life. I want everything done right now. Be prompt even early.
That’s not what happens in the hospital. I wait for the nurse to finish her (I am surprised by the number of male nurses. I guess i’m old-fashioned.) or his giving of medicine, checking vital signs, checking the lines or asking questions. I wait for the nurses aid to do her share of the care. I wait for the doctor to make his rounds and I wait impatiently for his answers.
I know my husband will be on a low salt, low fat diet. He’ll also need to avoid special foods that interfere with warfarin, a blood thinner. He’s already complaining.
It’s a good sign that he’s grumbling about the bed, the blankets, the air-conditioning and the food. He’s the the patient, but I’m the one who will need patience.



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