North to Alaska-our trip plans by Barbara Edwards

I am so glad to share happy news.

With the truck camper mounted on our Dodge Diesel we decided to take a test drive. The leaves are changing so we took the highway to New Hampshire.

2012-09-11 22.35.292012-09-11 22.36.39The only problem was the promised sunshine never really appeared. I took some photos but the colors didn’t show.

Being this close we stopped at Franconia Notch. The flume is noted for its spectacular views and with the recent rains it was flowing high.

It was drizzling when we took to the trail. It’s not a long walk but it is steep. Luckily I wore a rain repellent jacket and Tilley hat.

The pictures speak for themselves. The gorge is bordered by the board way installed by the park service. That’s removed in the winter or ice will buckle it.

2012-09-12 01.08.392012-09-12 01.10.302012-09-12 01.22.312012-09-13 22.51.50




There are tiny signs naming over a dozen different moss varieties.

Walking the steep gorge reminded me of prehistoric forests with the sweeping ferns and thick mosses.

Anyway, we’re happy with the truck camper and found it to be snug and warm. It is much smaller than our fifth wheel with less storage. I need to give some thought to how to bring enough clothes for three seasons.

I’ve called The Alaska Marine Highway for information. Nice people answered my questions. I need to call back when the 2014 schedule is posted. The good part is it gives my husband and I time to study the Milestone Book. Which towns sound best to stay for one or two or three days?

I have the feeling I will not have enough time.

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