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  • Welcome to my blog, Juanita.
    Please tell us about your book.

    My novel It’s in the Blood was not carefully plotted out before I started writing. It was two cars of a run-away train that I boarded a few years back. What I mean by that is, I had so many non-corresponding ideas connecting each other, tangled up and all wanting to go in different directions.
    Since I was a real romantic when I was much younger—and I loved actor Johnny Weissmuller, I finally decided to go that “Me Tarzan, you Jane” route. Going back to the run-away train, I had nearly 182,000 words to decipher through. I knew I wanted a three-book series so my characters started out young.
    Now that I have submitted book two entitled Blood Ties and starting on book three, I’m trying to use what fragments I have left to build a base for the final book. It’s been a fun, frustrating and mind-scrambling journey, but I wouldn’t take anything for the experience.
    Thank you for having me. I really appreciate you giving me this space.
    About the Author:
    Juanita Aydlette is from Shreveport, Louisiana, and now lives in Texas. She’s the only girl in a family of four brothers. She love music, planting flowers and is a dog lover…that’s why she works at an animal clinic.
    What started out as a childhood obsession with magical creatures in storybooks, became a passion in her later years. She created such magic in her first novel It’s in the Blood, and challenged her imagination to bring readers into her world of romance, suspense and fear of the
    unknown. Her upcoming novel Blood Ties continues the saga.
    It’s in the Blood was voted among the Top Ten Young Adult novels of 2016 by Preditors & Editors Readers Choice awards.
    Find out more about Juanita at:
    Twitter: @Juanita Aydlette
    Never stare at a green-eyed, shirtless hunk. Gabrielle Madsen is drawn in by such a pair of eyes that captures her soul and leaves her a prisoner of an addictive kind of love–not that she’s complaining. But her educational trip turns out to be more than just a fun-filled summer escapade.
    She’s faced with a life-changing decision that could affect the world around her. Her discovery of this ancient, legend-come-to-life proves to be deadly, but her heart can’t break away. She and Josh Van Ness fall in love and must battle the forces that want to keep them apart.
    Away from the open menagerie was a path surrounded by dense trees. It was across a narrow decorative bridge built into the landscape. The thick greenery provided a shady side to the open garden. A spotlight created by the sun beckoned to me from inside and I walked away from the others. My eyes were fixed on the pink and red groundcover that glimmered with a hypnotic seduction. I ventured toward the fragrant breeze, unaware of how far I had strayed.
    After only a few yards inside the cover of the trees, my body was seized again by a rumble and a frightening snarl. A chill blanketed me and I couldn’t move. I didn’t dare look around, forthe back of my blouse had already been saturated by the heated moisture from the breath of the  beast. My first instinct was to scream, but fear had stolen my voice. So I took a deep breath and held it. The scent of horror filled my lungs. It was familiar. Was I being stalked by the animal that lurked outside my hotel grounds?
    Help me please, rang inside my head. My eyes squeezed shut as its sharp fangs pinched my  shoulder. Tears filled my eyes and my hands formed a fist. I waited to feel my bones snap when suddenly, it let go. The leaves crunched. The sound grew fainter by the second, then nothing. My eyes remained closed as I trembled and listened.
  • “Miss?” A woman’s voice severed my nightmare. “I saw you come out here. We’re getting ready to go to another area. You don’t want to be left behind.”
    Without hesitation I ran past her, clutching my throat and sobbing. The other tourists were boarding the van and I made my way to the back. The woman I believed saved me from certain death, came and sat beside me.
    My body trembled as the bus came to stop. I ran from the tourist center to the hotel. Once inside the bathroom, I stripped and examined my shoulder. A painful bruise was both in front and in back. I cried out loud, shook convulsively, and then laughed hysterically. Was I going mad?
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