God’s Gift to Me by Barbara Edwards

God’s Gift to Me by Barbara Edwards

Barbara Edwards, Author
Barbara Edwards, Author

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but my daughters-in-law are the most wonderful women in the world. With five sons to raise, I had nightmares about what kind of girls they would marry. I should have trusted their judgment.

I can’t post any pictures of them since they shriek and hide from the camera. “My hair is a mess!” “ I look awful!” “ Don’t take my picture!” they scream and cover their heads. They don’t understand that they always look beautiful. Their hearts shine through.

Each one is an individual, but they share lots of nice characteristics. Smart and funny, good mothers and loving wives, they are hard-working and care about everyone in their circles. They laugh at my corny jokes.

I can’t tell you all the stories because they’ll know who I’m talking about and be embarrassed.

When my sons married, I made the decision not to fight the instinctive wish that daughters have to spend the holidays with their Mothers. I invited everyone for Christmas Eve, a family tradition still going strong. On Christmas day they have dinner at their Mom’s.

I have a Fourth of July picnic to gather the family in the summer.

They have given me so many rewards over the years. They refuse to read the sex scenes I write since the very idea embarrasses them.  Hours of conversation, support when I was ill, thoughtful gifts on the holidays, and the greatest grandchildren anyone could ever have.

I must mention my son-in-law, Donald Spahr who died way too young but left many memories of his joy of living.

Did I tell you about the children they brought into the world and cherish?

Or how good they are to my sons?

Thanks you, God. I can’t express how much they mean to me.

Barbara Edwards, mother-in-law

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Merry Christmas to you all!

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