Keri’s Christmas Wish by Pamela S Thibodeaux G/PG, a #holiday tale

Welcome to my blog, Pamela. Please tell us where your idea for Keri’s Christmas Wish came from?

I am 100% panster so when I sat at the computer with one scene in mind, Keri scrolling through her newsfeed and grumbling “bah humbug” over the ‘Christmas in July’ propaganda, I had absolutely NO idea where the story was going or what would happen. I was introduced to Energy Medicine a couple of years ago and find the whole concept of healing the body – or actually the body healing itself by correcting energy imbalance–fascinating. Along with EM, I’ve discovered the power of positive thoughts and prayers (see: You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay). Add to that, my belief in the afterlife and the books & movies affirming those beliefs, and well, this story practically wrote itself. What is so amazing and encouraging for me is that Keri’s Christmas Wish is the first romantic story I’ve written in its entirety since my husband passed away in 2009. Oh, I’ve had things published that were already in the works, but other than a couple NF pieces, it is the only thing written from start to finish. Hopefully this means I’m in a much better place emotionally and other books/novellas/stories are sure to follow.

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For as long as she can remember, Keri Jackson has despised the hype and commercialism around Christmas so much she seldom enjoys the holiday. Will she get her wish and be free of the angst to truly enjoy Christmas this year?

 A devout Christian at heart, Jeremy Hinton, a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Medicine Practitioner has studied all of the world’s religions and homeopathic healing modalities. But when a rare bacterial infection threatens the life of the woman he loves, will all of his faith and training be for naught?

 Find out in Keri’s Christmas Wish

 Snippet: She awoke in another dimension. Keri had no idea if she was in Heaven, but neither did she fear Hell. Her surroundings were reminiscent of a dense forest at dusk. Shadows danced against a sunset where brilliant colors bled from the sky. A light shone in the distance but as she moved toward it, Keri felt as though she plowed through molasses. Unease pricked her skin. The sound of water drew her deeper into the woods until she stood at the base of a vast waterfall and rapids so swift she dared not attempt to cross the river.

 The light grew stronger, brighter. Beckoning.

I need to get to the light.

Author Bio: Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”


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Guest Alison Henderson author of Small Town Christmas Tales – #Holidayrelease

Welcome Alison Henderson to my blog. I love Christmas stories and this collection is great.

Small town Christmas Tales
Small town Christmas Tales

Barb, thanks so much for inviting me to share a little about the inception of my new book Small Town Christmas Tales: Ten Short Holiday Romances. This is my fifth published book but my first collection of short stories. It was inspired by the December short stories our group blog, The Roses of Prose, have been writing for the past three years. I had never written a short story before we began this annual holiday tradition, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

Writing ten individual stories turned out to be quite a challenge. When I write a full length novel, I start with a general premise and some ideas about the two main characters. Setting is also important, but it’s usually part of the premise. I used a somewhat different approach with the stories in Small Town Christmas Tales. Because each story in this collection is set in a fictional small town in a different state, I the setting influenced the story in several cases.

For example: A couple of years ago, my husband and I stopped in the town of Lusk, Wyoming for lunch when we were in the process of moving cross country from Minnesota to California. Because it was Easter Sunday, everything was closed. We ended up eating prepared sandwiches from the hotel in the car because I could barely stand against the gale winds blowing giant tumbleweeds across the barren landscape. I’ll never forget the look and feel of eastern Wyoming that morning. When I sat down to plan my stories, I asked myself, why might a young woman be driving through a town like that, and what might make her stop? The answers became the basis of “A Hard Luck Christmas.”

Each story in the collection has a colorful and distinctive setting. I hope you’ll check them out!

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Author Bio:
I haven’t always been a writer, but I have always embraced creativity and relished new experiences. Seeking to expand my horizons beyond Kansas City, I chose a college in upstate New York. By the time I was twenty-one I had traveled the world from Tunisia to Japan. Little did I suspect I was collecting material for future characters and stories along the way.

I began writing when my daughter entered preschool (she’s now a full-fledged adult) and became addicted to the challenge of translating the living, breathing images in my mind into words. I write romance because that’s what I like to read. The world provides more than enough drama and tragedy. I want to give my readers the happily-ever-after we all crave.

Journey of the Magi #FREE on #kindle October 8 to 12

My Christmas story is #FREE on #kindle from October 8 to 12  A Christmas love story to warm your heart. Journey of the Magi

Barbara Edwards
Barbara Edwards

Widow Noel Martin never breaks promises, and she promised her kids they’d have Christmas at her childhood home in Connecticut. But driving across country takes money. Noel is broke when a snowstorm blows them into a tiny Minnesota café owned by a man who can change her mind. She accepts his offer of a job. Despite her attraction to him, she makes it clear she is only temporary help.


Dan Longstreet isn’t adopting any more strays, but he needs a waitress. Dan works so hard to make his café a success, he doesn’t have time for love. Though Noel’s slender blonde beauty stuns him and her two adorable children tug at his heart, he denies how they threaten to change his life.


When tragedy strikes, their new-found love is the first victim. Noel can’t stay and Dan can’t leave. Will their journey be the gift that reunites them?

Journey of the Magi by Barbara Edwards
Journey of the Magi by Barbara Edwards



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