Fruitcake? Not me!

Oh no, the dreaded fruitcake!

Every Christmas table has been blessed with a fruitcake. Every family has the sory of the fruitcake that is re-gifted for years. A form of immortality I think.

You have to understand about fruitcake. It is a mix of candied fruit, nuts, raisins, and a very thick cake batter that is baked then soaked in brandy. Or rum. Or sherry. For weeks. Or months. Or a year if no-one wants to eat the heavy thing.

This year I baked a ten pound fruitcake. Honest. That was the name of the recipe. And it felt like ten pound after I finished.

I wrapped it in sherry soaked cheesecloth, wrapped it with foil and put it in a cool place to flavor. Every week for three weeks, I re-soaked the cheesecloth and therefore the cake. It smelled delicious.

The day before my family gathered for Christmas dinner I decorated the top with green and red cherries. It looked so festive!

My Fruitcake

Understand, my sons are willing to try anything I put on the table. I expected the fruitcake to be a big hit; instead it was, ah, something else.

Everyone protested being too full to try a piece.

Hard to keep up the denial as they scoffed up the cheesecake, the apple pie, the mince pie, and the oatmeal-raisin cookies.

A good-hearted daughter-in-law cut two slices and quartered them on a plate. The plate circled the table of twenty guests and returned with one piece gone. I think my grandson fed it to the dog.

I wasn’t disappointed. Not much.

The funny thing is that as the evening progressed and we drank coffee and chatted, the fruitcake quarters disappeared along with several more slices.

When we shared out the left-overs so I wouldn’t eat them all, several more slices went out the door.

Will I be making fruitcake next year? Maybe. It might be more fun to make a Boche de Noel (Christmas Log). I’ll see.

Hope your Holiday, be it Christmas, Hannukah or something else, be joyous.

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