Follow up on my political turn

Actually helping on a political campaign was a leap for me. I didn’t know what to expect. I did ask to be there when the candidate arrived to give a speech.All research is grist for the writing mill.

Barbara And Senator Lowell Weicker at the Terryville Fair

Talk about weird. Me, not the candidate. What do you wear to a rally? Dress up? Dress down? What if someone takes my picture? I finally decided comfort came first. The temperature was hitting the high eighties, so khaki slacks and a summer top was my final choice.

The election headquarters is in a former storefront. The furnishings had been removed and tables and chairs installed. A large display of political paraphernalia was displayed near the door. Bumper stickers in two sizes, pens or pencils, tee shirts bold printed with the candidates name were being handed out and worn by the volunteers. There went my concern about what to wear. The pretty blue shirt is in my favorite color.

I was greeted by several people upon arrival and shooed to the tables. My help was needed on the phones. Haha. The phones reminded me of the computer named Hal, all lights and buttons. Did they know what they were doing asking me to use a machine? I looked at the elderly lady sitting across from me. She was certainly ninety and diligently pressing buttons.

I closed my eyes, sent up a prayer and started. First record a message to leave if no-one answers. I did get a few actual people. Half didn’t want to answer a few questions about what is important to them. Half were supporters or interested in knowing more.

I watched the others. Here was my biggest surprise. The group was almost a reflection of the population of our country. Young, old, male, female, ethnic groups and experience were all involved. If I tell you what they talked about you’ll instantly know who I support. I was so impressed by the college students who knew the issues and ready to work hard to get them implemented.

After my hand got numb from dialing, the candidate arrived to give a pep talk and shake hands. I watched this savvy person circle the room. Every person received attention. I was impressed. Not a plastic or fake reaction to the people who worked.

I shook hands and made a couple dumb remarks. A winning smile and thanks for my support made me glad I went.  I’d do it again.

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