I Called a Cop by Barbara Edwards

I called a cop by Barbara Edwards

When I heard shots fired in the park behind my house, I called a cop.

When some idiot hit my car and took off, I called a cop.

When I heard a woman scream down the street, I called a cop.

When I got mugged, I called a cop.

And every time, they came.

Thank God.

A hundred years ago a man would hide his wife and children in the cellar if a bad person came to the door. He’d be lucky if he had a rifle for protection and time to use it. before cops, we were at the mercy of the strongest or meanest.

Police have been a sign of civilization. London was a crowded city before they hired men to patrol the streets and provide safety. This is true all over the world. A cop is a sign your neighbors care that the laws are obeyed.

The police are the only ones keeping the local neighborhoods and streets safe. That’s why countries without local police forces, but state, are run by fear.

A cop arrests the drug-pusher in the school grounds. A cop will escort a freezing homeless person to a nearby shelter. A cop is usually the first on scene when a fire alarm is pulled. A cop cleared the way to the hospital when my husband had a heart attack.

You’ll recognize a cop. He’s the one running towards danger.

When I look out the window and a cruiser drives slowly past, I thank God. They’re watching out for me.

When I drive past a bad accident and the police are there, I thank God. It wasn’t me because a cop was enforcing the traffic laws and I slowed down.

When I hear the news and the cops are working to solve a murder, I thank God. My family and friends are safe.

And if they’re not, I can call a cop.

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