I don’t want to go home by Barbara Edwards

I admit to loving the weather on St George’s Island in Florida over the winter. Its not like further south. It can get down to 30 degrees, rains a lot and has a high pollen count in the early spring. But, a very big but, it doesn’t snow. And that’s the point of going south for the winter.

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Beach at St George State Park
Beach at St George State Park
Bill and a sand castle
Bill and a sand castle
Blue Herons
Blue Herons
Blue Heron
Blue Heron
Incoming storm
Incoming storm
Shrimp boat
Shrimp boat

Sequoia, 2nd day by Barbara Edwards

Leaving Sequoia and King’s Canyon

Leaving camp
Leaving camp

I wore my thermal shirt, quilted vest and scarf since it was 44 degrees this morning.

IMG_0041Driving up and out of Sequoia took us past King’s Canyon, a glacier carved gash in the mountains.







There is a fire burning in King’s Canyon and we are passed by fire trucks.




The sequoia forest is just as impressive as yesterday

Sequoia Trees
Sequoia Trees

and I take more photos. We climb over 7,000 feet again and it made me feel yucky. I drank more water and waited to descend into Fresno.

Another place we by-passed. It spreads out flat and brown except for the orange groves and vineyards. Cattle are in the huge fields.

I keep thinking we have to return and stay longer. I know our goal on this trip is Alaska, but I wish I had more time to see and do more. After all, I have friends all over the place from my writing loops.

Got on 41 which was empty and a straight shot into Yosemite. I should rephrase that. It is a fertile land with resorts, fishing areas, farms, vineyards and homes. We pass through Squaw Valley. It’s known for winter sport.

We arrive at Yosemite, with 22 campgrounds only to be told its full.


I whip out my handicap pacared and there are a couple places after all. As we’re getting out reservation done, the ranger mentions its going to snow tomorrow night. People are leaving like flies from bug spray.


Hah. We like the spot we have. Its in the Wanona campground, just inside the entrance and alongside the river. Trees tower overhead. It got all the way up to 70 degrees and I shed my vest. Now I’m going to put it back on. We have the fire going in the firepit, I saw bear skat on the ground when I walked to the latrines. My dog snapped his collar running at another dog and scared the heck out of me. He gave me the most sheepish look when I called and he came right back.

the road ahead
the road ahead

Alaska: The trip of a lifetime by Barbara Edwards

We’re going to Alaska. My husband and I love to travel and have talked about traveling to Alaska several times. Last year when he had his stent put in was another reason to postpone it. Then the price of fuel went through the ceiling. Then I have my health issues. Yikes.

Fifth wheel camper
Fifth wheel camper

We are making plans anyway.  Dreaming about the trip of a lifetime has become planning the trip.

Since fuel costs so much, we’ll consolidate. Our fifth wheel is 30 feet long and we get 12 miles to the gallon hauling it. A lot more than other campers but still a too much for thousands of miles. So we decided the best option is a truck camper. I figured it’s one of those think about, plan for it, take your time and maybe, kind of discussions.

Instead, my husband said we’re going to look at a truck camper. The camper was parked in the owner’s barn. Dust and spider webs showed it had really been five years since it was moved. I opened the door and noticed his wife had strewn the inside with dryer sheets. Aha, someone cares. For those of you who don’t know, dryer sheets keep away the creepy-crawlies like mice and bugs.

The camper isn’t brand-new, but that’s an advantage. Everything works, the furnace, theIMG_0005 hot water heater, the stove and the tiny shower. We discussed price and when my husband mentioned we’d need to install an air conditioner, the seller dropped the price that amount. To my shock, my husband bought it on the spot.

To get it home we had to install the right tie-down brackets on the undersides of our truck. We ordered them online and my handy hubby put them on himself.

Then we brought our newest toy home. Our parking place isn’t small, but a truck camper and the fifth wheel take up a big space, so the fifth wheel is in storage until we need it for the regular winter jaunt.

We plan to drive cross-country then take the Alaskan Marine Highway North. Early next spring is our goal.   If i sound calm and serene, just listen fro my whoops of excitement echoing on the cyber space air!

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IMG_0005 IMG_0005

A squirrel drove me nuts by Barbara Edwards

Re-enactment camping

I love camping and have since the first time I went as a Girl Scout. There’s a freedom to being in in the outdoors that can’t be matched. I’ve camped in a hurricane while hiking the Appalachian Trail, been snowed in by a blizzard in Connecticut and dry camped in National Parks. Every experience was special and lead to more stories than I have time to tell.

I have a routine. We set-up the camper, then make the campsite comfortable. A screened room sometimes is necessary to escape the bugs. Definitely need folding chairs and fire Imagewood to enjoy the evenings under the stars.

So we come to this story. Next it’s time to arrange the picnic table so it’s easy to use. I have a plastic tablecloth that covers the entire surface. It’s easy to keep clean and I clip the corners down to beat the wind. This time I noticed the clips must have slipped because the corner had been torn ragged. I adjusted them and told my husband we’d need to buy a replacement.

The next morning the other corners were shredded. We exchanged puzzled glances. Maybe the raccoons? The dog would have barked, wouldn’t she?Image

We watched for a week as pieces of the tablecloth disappeared. It looked really the worst for wear, but I wasn’t ready to get another until I knew what was happening.

I noticed a squirrel sitting on a nearby pole late this afternoon. He eyed my table with longing, looked around then hopped over.

Within seconds he’d flipped the cloth up and was removing the soft flannel lining with his teeth. I’m using the universal ‘he’ since I don’t know if this was the mommy squirrel or the Imagedaddy. My husband grabbed the camera and took pictures through the screen door.

Looks like I’m not getting another tablecloth until the squirrel nesting season ends.


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