What is that smell?

What is that smell? For almost a week I have been enjoying a wonderful fragrance outside the camper. I’d wake in the morning with a glorious, sweet, pleasant, almost sensuous aroma filling the air. I couldn’t figure out where it came from.

I walked around looking for Confederate jasmine that I know grows in the area. Nothing close. The clusters of bright Azalea bushes didn’t have any scent. I walked across the grass looking for wildflowers.

The scent didn’t come from the spiky Blueweed or the Wisteria vines twining among the trees. I did notice the number of butterflies. I couldn’t count the varieties, but didn’t have my camera when we found a Luna Moth under the pavilion roof. The soft green of its wings reminded me of the new sprigs of spring.

 I did get a picture of a Buckeye. I wanted it to fly away soon since it was near the path to the restrooms, but it took the entire day to set its wings for flight.

Anyway, I forgot the sweet perfume in my enchantment with the butterflies. Painted Ladies, Swallow-tails and Sulphurs were everywhere along with dozens I didn’t recognize.

I joined my husband for a soda under the awning and that wonderful smell filled the air.

Leaning back in my chair, I idly watched a butterfly join another, then another. They flitted upward to a tree with glossy green leaves.

Last year’s oranges still hung from the thirty foot top of a very out-of-place orange tree. Remember we’re camping in the Osceola National Forest; A harvested pine forest, not an orange grove.

I took some picture but my camera doesn’t have a zoom so I hope you can see the butterflies among the white orange blossoms and orange fruit.

I’m working on my book when I’m not hunting mysteries.

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