Bloodstone is My Birthstone? By Barbara Edwards

March Birthstone, Bloodstone
March Birthstone, Bloodstone

I’m still surprised by what I learn daily. I was window shopping an estate jewelry sale when I noticed a bland, small ring. Debra, my favorite jeweler, held it up and the light picked out a red veining in a dark green stone. Bloodstone, she explained. The delicate filigree setting was 18 carat gold and on each side depicted a fleur-de-lis. I couldn’t resist. I slipped it on my pinkie finger and fell in love with it. She assured me it could be resized for another finger but I refused. It felt right. I even joked that it would help me to read my Tarot cards. The problem was this was two weeks before Christmas and we had already gotten presents. Sigh. Then she told me it was March’s birthstone, too. My birthday is March first and I wanted to cry. But….. we left.

Bloodstone is a dark green Chalcedony with splashes or occasional spots of red Jasper. Bloodstone is reputed to be a powerful healing crystal. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Heliotrope’ especially in old grimoires. Legend says the stone formed when the blood of Christ was spilled on the rocks below the cross, and the stone is blessed with healing power. Older legends link Bloodstone with the healing powers of the Sun God.

Bloodstone instills courage which lead to it being called ‘hero’s stone’ at times.

Roman soldiers believed Bloodstone could staunch the flow of blood and prevent wounds from becoming infected.  India uses it as an aphrodisiac. Bloodstone is said to be especially effective for lower back pain and blood disorders such as anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure or circulation problems. It is a useful crystal to use in any healing work, believed to increase the flow of blood to the tissues, boost the immune system and improve overall health.

Heliotrope, Herb
Heliotrope, Herb

Bloodstone is said to have a special affinity with the herb Heliotrope (‘turns with the sun’), and if the two are used together in spells or charm bags the herb is believed to amplify the stone’s power. According to old magical writings, a charm made with Bloodstone and Heliotrope will make the bearer invisible. Sleeping with Bloodstone and Heliotrope under your pillow is said to cause prophetic dreams. Maybe that’s why I felt a connection to Tarot cards.

On Christmas Eve, my husband gave me a small box and I ‘knew’ he’d gotten me the ring. Imagine my pleasure. I wear it more often than anything else I own. Do I believe it has special properties? I can’t say that I’ve noticed, but it does make me feel good.

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