My Historical Romances are on Kindle Unlimited by Barbara Edwards

I’m so excited!

My publisher Wings Epress has put my two historical romances on Kindle Unlimited.

If you already have this service from Amazon, here is your chance to enjoy both novels. I’m plotting sequels to both and would love to know which one you’d like first.

Another Love

Another Love

by Barbara Edwards

Some promises are made to be broken.

Caught in a web of political intrigue, graft and threats to a beloved child, Meg Warren and Drew Larkin hunt the men threatening the downfall of President Cleveland and the economic fabric of America. From a poor farm to the ostentatious world of New York’s elite, they sift lies, discover trust and an attraction they cannot resist. The last thing they expect to find is a love worth more than gold.

Susan E. Falk “apckrfan” reviewed Another Love

1890s Romantic Suspense December 13

Set in the US East Coast in 1893, ANOTHER LOVE is a historical romance with a suspenseful plot. We are introduced to a loving, independent Meg who takes unwanted orphans into her home.

To clear her name of Drew’s accusations as to her involvement in his nephew’s kidnapping Meg reluctantly agrees to help the boy’s uncle, Drew, reveal the people responsible for the kidnapping of his nephew.

“A real page-turner with wonderful characters and a unique plot. You can’t miss with this one.”-­Award-winning author Patricia Potter

Review from Romantic Times Magazine **** 1/2 (four and one-half stars)

Another Love

by Barbara Edwards

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Annie’s Heart

Annie’s Heart was the result of a dream I had about living on the Kansas plains after the Civil War ended. I researched the area and found the hardships settlers faced to be overwhelming. I was surprised so many not only survived, but thrived. Annie is a strong woman with too many problems, but she is a survivor.

I hope you take this opportunity to read about her.


Only two coins and a gold pendant heart separate widowed ANNIE MOSS from disaster. The fields need to be plowed, the barn repaired and food stored for the winter, but she is alone and afraid. Her dream of a home for her children hangs from the promise of a wandering man to keep moving on, a man she has no reason to trust.

TRACE RANDOLPH has lost everything except his honor, so when a desperate ANNIE saves his life he knows he must pay his debt, even if it means marrying her. The only promise he makes is to leave before the winter snows. A promise he finds impossible to keep.


Trace wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and hefted another bundle of shingles onto his shoulder. The sweat dripped off him and he knew he smelled like an old goat. He wondered if Annie had noticed, or if he were the only one suffering from this itch. His mouth was parched and he made a note to purchase more mints when he visited town. A blister burned on his heel. And work shoes. His high-heeled boots weren’t designed for doing farm chores.

He planned on taking a quick dip in the creek later to wash away his ripe odor. The scent of lavender, light and delicate as the woman herself, filled his head. Annie stood behind him. He turned. She smiled and held out a dripping glass of water. Nodding his thanks, he swallowed the drink with pleasure. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and her blue eyes flicked from his fingers to his mouth.

“When do you expect to be done?”

A longing to touch her seared him like a hot poker. Trace jerked his gaze from her mouth to eye the rising sun and gathering clouds. He gauged the daylight hours left.

“Maybe by tonight. It looks like rain, and I hope to have it completed so you won’t be inconvenienced again.”

Her fingers trembled slightly when she held out her hand for the empty glass. His gaze darted to her face. She blushed at his bold stare and stepped back.

“I’m sure I never implied–”

“No, you didn’t, but I have eyes in my head. You need your privacy. I intend to get Digger’s bunk ready as well as my own.”

She blushed a color reminiscent of the climbing roses in his mother’s garden. He realized she was embarrassed by his reference to sleeping arrangements. He was enchanted by her sweet reaction. A woman so innocent shouldn’t be the mother of two children.

Her gaze dropped to the ground as she hugged the glass to her breasts. The dripping condensation soaked into the fabric. She didn’t notice the wet material clinging to her soft outline, but he did. Heat pulsed low in his groin. He longed to trace the outline of dampness with his mouth.

“I need to go into town. Would you like to come?” Trace didn’t know where the suggestion sprang from, but Annie’s eyes sparkled with anticipation, then dimmed.

“But we have chores to…”

“Let Digger do them,” he interrupted.

She hesitated. Cackling laughter followed by a whoop of excitement broke the silence stretching between them. Annie gave him a shaky nod before heading back toward the house.

Trace cursed under his breath as he watched the sweet sway of her hips when she climbed the shallow steps to the porch. Annie was soft and curvy in all the right places. She cast him a quick glance before darting inside.


”… Barbara Edwards creates a romance that proves life is about surviving disaster. Growing back stronger, and most of all, the courage to love.” **** (four stars), Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times Magazine

Annie’s Heart

by Barbara Edwards

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I’m Barbara Edwards and a native New Englander. I’m a graduate of the University of Hartford with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I write poetry for myself and novels when I need to tell a longer tale. I’m fascinated by the past so naturally turned to writing historical romance. The dark paranormal stories evolve from nightmares. The romance comes from my belief in people’s basic goodness and longing for love.

I lived in Florida for several years and am past president of the Central Florida Romance Writers and a member of Romance Writers of America.

When I returned to Connecticut, I founded the Charter Oak Romance Writers, a Chapter of Romance Writers of America, along with several close friends
My husband is a retired Police Sergeant. We share an interest Civil War re-enacting and travel the Eastern states to participate in events. I love visiting museums, galleries and battle sites, gathering information for my stories.

I taught Romance Writing at Manchester Community college for three years.

I’m fond of gardening and growing antique roses with limited success.

Most of my exercise is when my Belgian Shepherd, Keeno, demands a walk.

Please follow, friend or like me. I love to hear from my readers.





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Building readership following

Annie’s Heart

When I wrote my first book I didn’t even know about readers. I wasn’t worried about those vague future participants in my success. I wasn’t thinking in terms of number of books sold, but in getting the darn thing written and published. I spent months writing my manuscript.

Then I put my hours into finding a publisher. When I say hours I mean hundreds of hours before the call came.

Whoopee! Someone out there thought my book worth putting on the market.

Then came the edits. Oh boy, who knew that that wonderful person who loved my story was so picky? My editor wanted the grammar correct, the plot to flow smoothly, the characters to be consistent, the dialogue to make sense. More months spent on rewrites and edits.

All of this is to please the reader. And I thought my book was perfect when the editor offered a contract.

To get to the point: readers.

Another Love

Readers buy books. Since my book is so good, I knew it will fly out the door. Hah. A few friends bought it. A few more read the great reviews and bought it. Then nada. I did book signings and sold more. Sold a bunch at the Romantic Times convention.

I needed a way to reach readers. The next move was a website, only someone had my name on hers. Turns out she was an exotic dancer. Sigh. Didn’t exactly drive readers to my site. I added free reads and buy links. I persisted since all my friends and family owned a copy and I really needed to find more.

For a time I became lost in the world of cyber promotion. Do you realize how much time you can waste on the web? That writing time is lost forever when it could be used on the next book instead.

Book One: Rhodes End Series
Ancient Awakening

I went on FaceBook, Yahoo groups, Goodreads, Shelfari, Twitter, posting my profile and book information everywhere I could find. Sales hiccup with each action.

Then I had the AHAH moment. Another author said, you need to write more books. Each book adds more readers. It’s called a geometric progression in fancy language.

This was what I really wanted to hear. Write, write, write. So I wrote and published several more books. The giant leap didn’t happen. A steady climb, but not huge.

The point is still readers. My publishers are great, supportive and helpful, but they can’t add readers. I get my name out there.

Rhodes End Series: Book Two
Ancient Blood,

A part of me is still the hermit writer huddled over my laptop, but another part is the media mogul spending part of each day inviting readers to learn more about me, like what they learn and be interested enough to buy my books.


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Ancient Blood


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Robins bring Spring

The first robin of Spring has a lot of meaning in New England. The promise that warm weather is arriving adds a note of joy to their welcome.

Spring arrives

In Florida, the promise of spring is more subtle. Green creeps across the brown fields. Red Bud trees blossom with a spray of pink/lavender flowers. Pine cones make a thunking noise on the roof as they drop from the trees. Squirrels chitter like maniacs as they chase each other around and around.

This camp is on the migration paths of hundreds of different bird species. I have an Audubon book to identify them but I’m not quick enough most of the time to see all the details.

Late this afternoon, we took a soda outside and watched the sun going down.

The flutter of wings filled the air.

A thousand robins landed in the open field in front of our camper.

Did you ever see so many robins in one flock? I didn’t know they traveled like that.

This was a gem of a moment.

We watched the birds for almost an hour. One robin yanked a fat grub from the soil and ate it with relish. They poked and pulled at the ground, hunting for more grubs or insect eggs. This is nature’s way of balancing the species. If the birds don’t stop, there can be too many insects to infest the forest.

A pair of red-headed woodpeckers pecked at the bark high on a slash pine. Then they left as quickly as they had arrived.

The robins left in smaller groups. By dark not one lingered.

So we finished our drinks. It’s nice to know that all those birds will be in someone’s yard in a few days. And a child will shout, “Look, Mommy, the first robin of Spring is here!”


Another Love

Check out my Historical Romance: Another Love at my website.

Some promises are made to be broken.

Caught in a web of political intrigue, graft and threats to a beloved child, Meg Warren and Drew Larkin hunt the men threatening the downfall of President Cleveland and the economic fabric of America. From a poor farm to the ostentatious world of New York’s elite, they sift lies, discover trust and an attraction they cannot resist. The last thing they expect to find is a love worth more than gold.

“Quote.” – Pat Potter, award winning author calls Another Love…“A real page turner with wonderful characters and a unique plot. You can’t miss with this one.”

Review from Romantic Times Magazine **** 1/2 (four and one-half stars)


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Ancient Blood


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