Amazing Authors Event is Coming

The countdown is on! In just two days’ time, a group of 13 fabulous authors¬† are hosting a blog tour.
But not only can you discover the works of these wonderful ladies, you can also win a great read! Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Every one of the authors on the tour are offering a free download Рbut you have to pay attention to win. 
On the last day of the tour, Ginger Simpson is going to post up the questions. Don’t worry – she’ll attach a link to each author’s post so you can quickly double check. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a read of your choice by simply answering a question. Not rocket science, eh? :p
Here’s the AMAZING AUTHORS lineup:
Jan. 12. Caroline Clemmons
Jan. 13. Beth Trissel
Jan. 14. Roseanne Dowell
Jan. 15.  Cathie Dunn
Jan. 16. Maggie Toussaint
Jan. 17. Patsy Parker
Jan. 18. SG Rogers
Jan. 19. Linda LaRogue
Jan. 21. Karen Nutt
Jan. 22. Anna Kathryn Lanier
Jan. 23. Barbara Edwards
Jan. 24. Ginger Simpson
We’re looking forward to seeing you ‘on the road’!
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