Pack Law


A pack consists of mated pairs and their young. It is limited in size only by its ability to maintain secrecy from the human population. Usually live in small groups related by blood, leaving to find a mate when instinctive need grows.

Rhodes End’s pack is considered small with a dozen mated pairs and an equal number of young and adult singles.

A larger, New England coalition governs offers a loose overall net to arbitrate territory arguments or social issues.

A were-wolf can assume animal form at will after reaching maturity. Can mate with humans, but the children will not all be were-wolves. Human mates are frowned upon but not forbidden.

They have long lives, but are not immortal, with the ability to heal quickly.

They police their own behavior with one male per generation assigned to this duty. He is given title of “Guardian”. He is mated to ensure stability and mature judgment.

Were-wolves have evolved along with mankind, developing the ability to control their basic blood-lust by consuming raw meat during the times of change.

A few rogue males have gone wild and attracted the attention of humans by killing them. These rogues are hunted and terminated by the guardian since rehabilitation has never worked.

Males endure a powerful need to mate when sensing a mate. It can result in shakes, violent outbursts, 

Pairs are monogamous for life.

At puberty, the young experience their first change. Some die in a violent epileptic fit brought on by the body’s inability to finish the process.

Human females can change as a result of pregnancy. If the fetus is to be a were-wolf, the mother changes. If human, change may still occur from sexual contact with the male.  She may die. Resistance and fear are strong factors.

All males must tell the female he is a were-wolf before mating. She must agree although rogue males rape in either form.


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