Review by Sage, Dark Divas

Dark Divas

Review Copy Received from Author

Summary: Police Officer ‘Mel’ Petersen is the only one who believes
a suspicious death is murder. By disobeying direct orders from the Rhodes End
Chief, she risks her career to follow clues that twist in circles to her
backyard and lead the killer to her. Her neighbor Stephan Zoriak is a prime
suspect. While working for a major pharmaceutical company, he is exposed to a
dangerous organism that changed him. He suspects he is the killer and agrees to
help Mel find the truth when the deaths continue. In the course of their
investigation Mel and Steve find more death and continued distrust that make
them wonder if love can defy death.

My Review: Ancient Awakening was
a fast paced, exciting read I couldn’t put down. The characters and their
emotions were expertly portrayed, evoking sympathy and joy in the reader. The
plot was interesting, and well planned. I have a great appreciation for the
detail in research that went into this story. I fell in love with all of the
characters, including the monkey, Sampson. As a reader, I was caught up in the
plight of the characters, especially the hero as he struggled to find his happy
ending. And ending happily it did. This story proved to be a new take on an old

Five Delightful Divas by Sage!



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