Review by Debbie at kwipsandkritiques

An ancient evil was defeated… or
was it?

Officer Melanie Petersen senses
something is awry in the town of Rhodes End. The vandalism at the mausoleum is
only the start of the troubles as someone is now viciously murdering people.
Meanwhile, her new neighbor, Dr. Steve Zoriak, is showing a lot of interest in
the murders. What is behind his secrecy?

Barbara Edwards does a marvelous
job with ANCIENT AWAKENING. The tension increases with every page, making this
one of those books that it’s practically impossible to put down until the last
page is read. I have to admit that the side story involving Sampson is almost
as exciting as that of the ancient vampire as I fell in love with Sampson! Who
would have ever thought a research animal could be so endearing?

The character development is well
done but what I enjoyed even more is that Rhodes End is practically a character
itself. The little intrigues and complexity of the relationships, along with
the mistrust of outsiders and the political wrangling in the town, make Rhodes
End a place rife for stories. I’m excited to learn there will be future tales
set in this town as it’s one I definitely want to visit again! Easily

Reviewed by Debbie

Rating 4 ½ shamrocks


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