Letter to My Readers

To My Readers,

I hope you enjoyed Ancient Awakening and the romance between Steve and Mel. Their love story continues in my next Rhodes End novel along with Cole Benedict, a werewolf with a problem and Lily Alban, the woman he wants for his mate. Also returning are Sammy, Larry, a chauvinistic Black John, and the mysterious Broker. As their entwined tales unfold, I’ll reveal more about Sammy’s past, how the police chief became the man he is, and what the Broker finds when he moves to Rhodes End.

  Finding Rhodes End was a long journey for me. It’s a mysterious, magic place with many secrets hidden behind the façade of a New England village.

Rhodes End draws the strange and outlandish. Power pulses in the air. An ordinary tourist tooling up the scenic road may tell friends of the charming village, but only the harmless or the expected find it easily.

Underneath Rhodes End is a convergence of ley lines that rival the power of Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Egypt and Machu Pichu. The power existed before the Caucasian influx chased away the small tribes who used the site to call their spirits.

I invite you to join me as I explore,

Barbara Edwards


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