Christmas Fantasy by Barbara Edwards

The tradition in our family is to celebrate on Christmas Eve.

This year I had a fantasy. Come with me.

I decorated the house with all my old ornaments, the manger with my grandmother’s figures, chipped and broken as they be, the food was prepared and when I opened the door to my first guest, the music swelled behind me. A familiar polka brightened the air and my parents swirled past with broad smiles. They looked as they did when I was a child and we went to Eugene park to the dances. Somehow my space had swelled to hold them.

I teared up, then blinked as I beheld my daughter Theresa and her husband Don, both of whom have gone before. they looked so happy. 

I know when my sister Patricia joined them, this was to be Christmas to remember. All the people I ever loved were coming.

My sons and their wives brought covered dishes to share. Like usual they took over in the kitchen and told me to have fun. My nephew Bobby came in time to greet his children with hugs and smiles.

When I opened the door and my cousin Bill Petersen grabbed me in a huge hug and whirled me off my feet I couldn’t stop the tears of joy. I have missed him so much.

All my grand-children spilled in in a flood of laughter. My Great Grandsons, Charlie and Henry grabbed the spotlight.

The family shared memories from years ago. The highlight for me was all my sons singing carols as they did when they were growing up.   

We will be together this year on Christmas Eve. 

Merry Christmas to you all.


Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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