Why do I think my home is creepy? by Barbara Edwards #Halloweenbloghop #Giveaway

It’s no surprise that living in Connecticut contributed to my interest in the paranormal. this small state is a hotbed of weird and unusual happenings. Where do I start?
Snarlolgy Halloween Blog Hop Yellow 2Many towns have cemeteries that host grave from the early 1700s. Settlers had their own superstitions that they brought from their countries of origins. When a town had reports of a family dying from no known cause, the village elders and family concluded it was a vampire. the first girl who died was dug up and her bones burned tot stop the deaths. Strangely, it worked. Hmmm.
A sandbank collapsed to reveal coffins buried away from consecrated land. When open the coffins held skeletons with he bones rearranged. The femurs were on the chest in the shape of a cross, the skull, placed on the pelvis. This was a European belief to keep the dead from returning as a vampire.
Many cemeteries like the one in Burlington have a resident ghost. This one is called the Green Lady. No one knows if she is buried there or if her murdered body was dumped in the swamp where she hovers. She cries for justice. My sons actually went there to debunk the legend and got scared spit-less by her screams. or maybe they scared each other.
How about the famous Charter Oak? when the first farmer plowed the land around the massive oak, the local Indian Chief approached him to ask the tree be left to grow. The reason? It was vital to their magic ceremonies. The farmer wisely let it alone and it became a part of history.
Have you heard of the Moodus moans? loud sounds come from under the earth at random times. hunters have looked into caves, but found no real reason for the sounds.
The Connecticut Trail from the Boston area to Windsor and Hartford is haunted by those seeking a new home who died and were buried in graves long lost to memory.

Dudleyville, CT
Dudleyville, CT

Dudleytown is famous for its haunted memory. the town had a history of madness and no longer exists. People ofter visit the site and return reports of odd feelings, an atmosphere of fear and loathing.
How about the beach on the Long Island Shore where the British chained convicts to rocks at low tide and left them to drown when the tide came in. People hear their screams of anguish when the tide is rising. Creepy.
Did you notice I didn’t give you the names of the towns? Many residents don’t want to have their town known for paranormal activity. I can respect that. I don’t want anyone checking out my house because its haunted.
I’m learning more and more about my home state as I continue research on “Jacob” my next Rhodes End Series book and “Daniel” the following book.

AncientAwakening_w2417_300Ancient Awakening by Barbara Edwards Rhodes End Series Book 1 
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In Ancient Awakening, Police Officer ‘Mel’ Petersen investigates a death only she believes is murder. By disobeying direct orders from the Rhodes End Chief, she risks her career to follow clues that twist in circles to her backyard and lead the killer to her.
Her neighbor Stephen Zoriak is a prime suspect. Steve worked for a major pharmaceutical company where he discovered a weapon so dangerous he destroys the research. He is exposed to the dangerous organism. He suspects he is the killer and agrees to help her find the truth.
In the course of their investigation Mel and Steve find the real killer and a love that defies death.

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Author: Barbara Edwards

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36 thoughts on “Why do I think my home is creepy? by Barbara Edwards #Halloweenbloghop #Giveaway”

  1. Luv your post! Very interesting facts about cemetaries.
    Wish i lived closer to the one in my town. Theres a rumor that a real witch is buried there and the kids like going there to look for her tombstone. Would make life more fun and entertaining at halloween to live right next to one. Happy halloween!


  2. I wouldn’t want my town known for its paranormal activity. My town is supposedly the home of the KKK back in the day in my state and its not something I’m proud of to here people say. Even if i’m a transfer in resident and didn’t grow up here. Thank you for participating.


  3. I loved your post. Thank you for sharing with us. I’ve been to an allegedly haunted old, old cemetery late at night and interrupted a ceremony involving fire pits designed in intricate patterns. Burning torches led to the cemetery. When we arrived, the fires were quickly kicked apart and those present disappeared into the woods without us seeing any of them. As we walked around the cemetery, examining the headstones by flashlight, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Someone gently brushed my hair away from my ear. I paused, thinking it was my fiance or my sister about to tell me something. Someone whispered, “Michelle….” in my ear, dragging my name out. I turned my head quickly. No one was there.


  4. Creepy – a distant cousin of my mom bought the “Amityville” house. they were so bothered by people coming by trying to “see ghosts” they ended up selling recently. I understand you not “naming names”. 🙂


  5. I love scary stories, about am hour from my town there is a cemetery and it has mostly all babies under one years old from the late 1800s and early 1900. I went there to look because it’s supposed to be haunted and there is old and new baby toys by the grave sites. It is really creepy! Happy Halloween ! bw2323bro@yahoo.com


  6. We have a small family cemetery plot right adjacent to our property. The owners decided to move all the headstones into one pile to make more yard for themselves. If the dead were ever gonna be mad, than this is their chance for sure!


  7. Creepy is right, Barbara! I’m a fan of ghost stories having grown up in several houses with unexplained activity as a child. In one old Texas house, when I was around 6 yo, I was literally shoved down a flight of stairs. I know I was the only person on those stairs, or in the house, at the time.


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