Stand behind the “Thin, Blue Line” by Barbara Edwards #Police

Stand behind the “Thin, Blue Line” by Barbara Edwards
Barbara Edwards
Another police officer died in the line of duty.
Where is the cry of rage?
Where is the protest that a man who kissed his wife and children good-bye in the morning, is dead?
And the reason?
He was part of the ‘Thin, Blue Line’ that separates chaos from civilization.
I can drive my car because the blue line keeps bad drivers off the streets.
I can go to the store and bring home my purchases because they stand between me and thieves.
The ‘Thin Blue Line” is there to take drug dealers to jail and save my children from their harm.
I may not carry a gun, but I don’t have to because of the ‘Thin, Blue Line.’
I am sick of those who blather on about gun control when they don’t help solve the problem. Another law won’t do it. Enable the police to enforce the laws on the books.
How many other dangers do those wearing the uniform face daily?
I admit I’m prejudiced. I’m married to a retire police sergeant. I thank God every day that he survived his years on the force to retire.
I pray for those still facing that threat. I pray for the families of those who’ve been killed or hurt.
I condemn those who think chanting ‘Pig, Pig, Oink, Oink, Bang Bang’ is righteous.
We need the Thin, Blue Line.
Spread the word.
The “Thin, blue Line protects us all.
Not by color, religion, politics, or sex, but by the fact that protecting us is what they do.
Remember that when you dial 911.
Remember that when you get a traffic ticket.
Remember that when you need protection.

I’m proud of every officer who puts his or her life on the line for me.
Thank you.
Barbara Edwards


Author: Barbara Edwards

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18 thoughts on “Stand behind the “Thin, Blue Line” by Barbara Edwards #Police”

  1. Amen to everything you said. So glad your husband served his community. Thank him. Without law and order, our world is just as chaotic and crazy as countries with ISIS. . .and quite frankly, I’m worried about the future. We’ve lost our respect for each other.


  2. Great post and so true! We buried a Louisiana State Trooper on Saturday from my hometown. He’s younger than I, but I went to school with his brother who is the Chief of Police in our town, and sisters’s girls danced with my daughter…. Trooper Steven Vincent left behind (along with his parents and siblings) a wife and 9 yr old son. His generous donation of organs and tissue is now saving lives…. He served in the military and as a law enforcement officer since graduating high school. A senseless act of stupidity and violence from a man who should have not been out of jail and on the streets to begin with hit our community HARD. Still reeling from it. God Bless our men and women in Blue!


  3. You’re so right, Barbara. I remember in the days following 9/11, living about 40 miles outside NYC, how comforted I was by the sight of our local officers cruising the streets. My prayers are with the families and friends of those officers whose lives were taken in hate.


  4. My step-brother is a Dallas police officer and a close friend just retired from the police force here in town. When I hear stories like this I feel relief that it is not them, and sorrow for the family that is suffering the loss. Thank you for posting for all the boys in blue!


  5. Barbara, thank your husband for taking the oath to protect and serve his community!
    What a heartfelt post! I’m praying for those families recently left behind to face life without their husband, father and son.


  6. Great post, Barbara. I’m so glad your husband got to retire from his job instead of the alternative. My best friend’s husband is a retired police chief. The stories he tells makes me shiver at how close to death our protectors get. When you look at the chaos in some countries when civilization breaks down, we can be thankful for those who protect & serve. In every profession, there are bad apples. They shouldn’t taint the rest.


  7. Haters are haters. I think these cop killers should be charged with a hate crime as well as murder. If it’s a hate crime to kill someone because of his religion, race, or sexual preference, it should also be a hate crime to murder someone because of his occupation.


  8. Barbara: Bad publicity about law enforcement should not make all policemen suspect. I can only imagine how difficult it is for officials to deal with the proliferation of guns in the last decade or so. Thanks for posting.


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