#MFRWAuthor Barbara Edwards & Her Dogwood Tree

Easter and the dogwood tree by Barbara Edwards

2012-05-15 01.27.47 The best part about Easter is the flowers. Lilies, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth and Lilacs give color to the season. I also have a dogwood tree.

2012-05-15 01.27.23One of the legends associated with Easter is the dogwood tree.  According to legend the dogwood was the tree the Romans used in Palestine to make crosses which were used in their crucifixions. The myth claims the dogwood riled the Oak in size and strength. When Jesus was ordered to be crucified, the dogwood felt bad that it was used to crucify the Son of God.  On the cross that dark afternoon Jesus was touched by the sorrow which the dogwood showed. He promised that the dogwood tree would never again have to suffer such a fate.  Therefore the dogwood became the twisted short tree it is today instead of a stately oak-like creation.

The four petals include two shorter and two longer. The center resembles a crown of thorns in the middle and there are nail prints on the petals.

IMG_0001Like all myths, there is no evidence that the Romans used dogwood trees for their this purposes.  The dogwood is not even common to the Palestine region.

daffodil I’m Barbara Edwards and a native New Englander. I’m a graduate of the University of Hartford with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I write poetry for myself and novels when I need to tell a longer tale. I’m fascinated by the past so naturally turned to writing historical romance. The dark paranormal stories evolve from nightmares. The romance comes from my belief in people’s basic goodness and longing for love.

Ancient Curse Blurb:

Evil never dies.  And this time it wanted Rainie.  It wanted more than her life, it wanted her soul.

The artifacts Rainie Gamble handled came from every era and she could read their past with a touch. After her Father’s deceit, she’d lost her beloved career until Thomas hired her.

Thomas Broquette needed Rainie for more than her psychic ability. She would unknowingly bring her father into his reach. Thomas needed him to return the stolen paintings in Mason’s estate. He needed Rainie to destroy the evil items Mason left behind. Then he realized he needed her for much, much more.

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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