#new Brady’s Lost Blanket by Stephanie Burkhart #giveaway

BradysLostBlanketCover.inddPlease welcome  my friend and fellow author, Stephanie Burkhart as she tells us more about her #new #release

Inspiration comes in small packages

By: Stephanie Burkhart

One of my husband’s relatives told me a story about her grandchild who was attached to his blankie.  He left it behind when he was visiting relatives and was having a hard time without it. That brought back memories of the time when I was a young girl and had a blankie.  My blankie was soft blue with silk blue trim.  I loved to rub it against my face. It was very soothing. My blankie was my security net. It was always there for me. I could count on it to relax my ruffled feelings or frustration – until it mysteriously disappeared.  One day, when I was five, my blankie turned up missing.  I had no idea what happened to it. I felt “out of sorts,” “uncomfortable,” and “anxious.” (My mother hid it on me.  She decided it was time for me to learn how to get along without it.)

Those first couple of days without blankie was rough, but I soon learned other age appropriate coping stragedies. I played with Barbie and her Beach van. I picked up a book. I began coloring. I loved playing with Matchbox cars.  Soon my imagination grew and I didn’t need blankie anymore.

Giving up blankie was my first step to growing up.

Brady’s Lost Blanket is about taking that first step. It’s a great message for children. Growing up isn’t easy. There are all kinds of challenges, but learning how to get along without a blankie is usually the first one a child faces. In the story, Brady has a lot of support from his parents who offer him other ways to deal with the anxiety of losing his blanket.  I hope that when other children read the story they realize that while it may be upsetting at first, letting go of blankie and embracing new things can be fun and they’ll be all right.

Question for you: Did you have a blankie growing up?  Did you know someone who had a blankie?

Also, I’ll be offering one lucky commenter a PDF review copy of Brady’s Lost Blanket. Looking forward to your comments!

COVER BLURB FOR Brady’s Lost Blanket:

Brady is a sensitive young boy who takes his blankie wherever he goes. After traveling with his parents to visit his new cousin, Brady accidently leaves his blanket behind. Can Brady learn to get by without his blankie?


#1: What inspired you to write the story?

STEPHANIE: One of my husband’s relatives mentioned their grandchild had a blankie and was having a hard time without it.  I drew on my own childhood memories of having a blankie.  I think letting go of the blankie is the first step in growing up.

#2: How long did it take?

STEPHANIE: It took about a week to write the story. I have to thank 4RV Publishing for publishing Brady’s Lost Blanket.  It took about 2 weeks back and forth with the editing.

#3: Did you pick the illustrator?

STEPHANIE: No, I did not.  4RV Publishing selected the illustrator.  I think Bridget McKenna did a great job with the illustrations.  They have a very whimsical feel and compliment the story well.

#4: What makes this book special?

STEPHANIE: Brady’s Lost Blanket has a message for all young children who become attached to “something” (be it a blanket or something else) because they want to feel secure. It’s okay to let go of our “security” nets and move forward.  It maybe a little scary at first, but once you go without it, you learn you can live without it.

#5: How long have you been writing children’s books?

STEPHANIE: About 5 years now. My first children’s book, “The Giving Meadow” was published with 4RV Publishing in 2010. It has a great message about sharing and caring for young children as well as telling about Caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. It’s perfect for Easter as it helps young children understand Jesus’ story.

steph7Author Bio:

Stephanie Burkhart was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, but now calls California her home. She currently works for LAPD as a 911 Dispatcher. Stephanie has been writing since she was five, when she crafted homemade comic books on the kitchen table. Her previous books with 4RV Publishing include: The Giving Meadow, and First Flag of New Hampshire.  Stephanie enjoys coffee, adores chocolate and is currently the Den Leader for her son’s Cub Scout Den.

BRADY’S LOST BLANKET is available in print from 4RV Publishing.


4RV PUBLISHING BOOKSTORE: http://www.4rvpublishingcatalog.com/burkhart.php

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Bradys-Lost-Blanket-Stephanie-Burkhart/dp/1940310040/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1423445945&sr=8-8&keywords=stephanie+burkhart

BARNES & NOBLE:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/bradys-lost-blanket-stephanie-burkhart/1121138037?ean=9781940310046


















Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

20 thoughts on “#new Brady’s Lost Blanket by Stephanie Burkhart #giveaway”

  1. Hi Steph, I’m late – long day. The only blanket story I have is from today, actually. While babysitting my 11 month old granddaughter, I had an Avengers blanket thrown over my legs and she grabbed it, said her name, and pulled it off to lie on it on the floor. She loves blankies.


  2. My one sister was a blanket kid. She had one with the silky edge. Another sister had a pillow she used to carry around. I didn’t have either…


  3. My older brother was a blankie boy. It was getting pretty threadbare, and then the cat decided it would make a good place to use to give birth to her kittens, and that was the end of blankie! It wasn’t too hard for him to give up after that, because it was exciting to have the new kittens.


    1. Aly, lol!! Yeah, I can see where your brother wouldn’t want his blankie back either. That’s one way to give up the blankie, isn’t it? Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      NOTE: I will pick the winner for the book on Monday. I’ll come back here on Monday and leave a post and notify Barbara as well. Also, I’m on Pacific Standard Time. I’ll stop by on my breaks to check for comments.



  4. My son had a blankie that was always in his mouth. It got so small you didn’t know it it was coming out or going in. Finally we hid it in a drawer. Of course the little rascal found it, too one good sniff and threw it out. He took a big hint. Now he’s grown, married and lives in Denmark. We still laugh about his years with his special blankie. Thanks, Stephanie. I’d love a hard copy for my youngest granddaughter. PDF is confusing. Best of luck with your career. I’m 84, writing romance/suspense.


  5. My blankie was purple and I carried it wayyy to long:-) My mother finally incorporated it into a quilt she was making. Like you, I was inconsolable the first day or two, but then moved on to other activities.:-)

    God bless,


  6. Barbara, thank you very much for having me here today. It’s a pleasure to visit your blog. Did you know anyone who had a blankie growing up? I’d love to hear your blankie stories. Also, I’d like to tell your visitors that I’ll be offering one lucky commenter a PDF review copy of Brady’s Lost Blanket. Looking forward to your comments!



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