Hebby Roman talks about The Princess and the Templar

Please welcome Author  Hebby Roman and her Book: The Princess and the Templar


Raul de Porcelos, a dedicated Knight Templar, is duty bound to bring orphaned Irish Princess Cahira O’Donnell to wed the Earl of Orkney, Raul’s lord. But Cahira has a mind of her own and resists the handsome Templar, refusing to relinquish the castle and lands that her family died to protect.

Thrown together by fate, they come to know each other and a forbidden passion is kindled. Who will be the first to surrender to desire, the warrior-princess or the warrior-monk?

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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

4 thoughts on “Hebby Roman talks about The Princess and the Templar”

  1. Barbara, what a pleasant post-Christmas gift!!! Thank you so much for hosting my medieval romance today, The Princess and the Templar. If you love books about knights, try a sample of The Princess and the Templar. It’s a long historical that you can get cozy with over the remainder of the holidays.


    1. Larry, yes, I do a great deal of research, especially for my historical romances. For The Princess and the Templar, I went beyond research and read lots and lots of books about the Middle Ages, essentially immersing myself in the era. It’s an interesting era to get to know and so different from our own. At least the politics and professions and outward trappings of life are different. People are still the same when you put aside the manners of the day. Thanks for visiting me!


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