Bellingham Ferry to Ketchikan by Barbara Edwards

IMG_0176Doing something different is risky and taking the Marine Highway is different.



IMG_0214I did research and knew about walking the dog on the car deck, but not having to keep the area clean.

The crew are friendly and helpful.


Of course our vehicle was one of the last loaded. Last on first off in Ketchikan.

This meant all the lounge chairs for sleeping in the IMG_0197solariums were claimed. Oh well.





IMG_0178We found a place in the inside lounge.




Then came the figuring out where to eat and what. We brought some microwave dinners and had them, and then my husband wanted to plan breakfast. I’m figuring out what to wear to sleep. I worked on my edits for a IMG_0183couple hours and they turned off the lights at nine pm Alaska time.

Sleeping in a room with several dozen strangers is weird. Bill settled his bag on the floor and I curled up on a three chair bench. I slept fitfully. Like home, the smallest noise woke me. IMG_0193The shoreline was a black silhouette broken by occasional lights on either boats or the shore. Bill IMG_0190woke me at four am to see the lightening sky. Its cloudy so no spectacular dawn.


Later: The ferry is passing through a narrow channel. Forest runs down to the shore and its brisk.

What’s next? We need to walk the dog and I’m changing my clothes when we can get to the car deck at eight am.

Turned foggy and the foghorn blows every few minutes. A mournful sound. Finally the sun breaks through and it’s nice enough to go on deck in my shirtsleeves. The shore drifts by in a wonderful forest and rock collection. There is too much to see, to enjoy. I inhale the clean air and relax.


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Author: Barbara Edwards

Riveting Romance with an Edge

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